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 Author: Fenestra
PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:32 am 
Voting for either Obama or Romney is not my preference. I will not go into my reasons for not choosing either of the two contenders because that is not my intention with this post. Instead, I foresee an ominous development in world politics: Israel's stated intention to strike Iran "before the American elections"! Should this happen, and I believe it will, we will be drawn into a global fight...and no-one wants a newcomer in the White House with a war going on! To think that an outside force should exercise such sway on the outcome of our elections is downright disturbing...but there it is, laid out like the well-conceived battle plan it is. sigh

Discover Common Ground.

 Author: elnhuk
PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:22 pm 
Benyamin Yetanyahou outfoxed Obama and got him to agree to back up Israel's right of self defense. This gives them a guarentee of our involvement in their war.
I think that a lot of his bluster is for home consumption. He lost the backing of the liberal party because of his beligerance but, he has the support of the conservative
block. The fact is that it matters little if Iran has a few nukes. In today's world they are useless except as a deterrant. The Iranians are paranoid since Nato crushed
Gaddify and seem to believe that if they don't have nukes they will be invaded. Their leaders, in spite of being religious fanatics have a desire to survive and using
nukes is suicidal. They have only been used twice, by us, and in spite of their proliferation have not been used by anyone else.
I was working in southern Pakistan when Pakistani terorrists shot up the Indian parliment. Both sides dispatched troops to the border, over a million total, and it
looked like war was imminent. Luckily for me and all Pakistanis and Indians, cooler heads prevailed and they were persuaded to back down.
Iranian nukes are not a reason to go to war. According to our intel folks Israel has 200 or so deliverable nukes. That makes them number three or four in the
world as an undeclared nuclear power. I have no sympathy for them considering the way they treat Palistinians.
The one and only thing I agree with Ron Paul is that we should bring the troops home and close most of our bases overseas. We will end up like Rome with unpayable
debts because of our bloated military.

 Author: Fenestra
PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:26 pm 
Entebbe set the matrix for the Zionist approach to geopoliticism: Outfox the opponnent. Jewish people are very good at outfoxing even foxes and take great national pride in being so cunning. I CAN SAY THESE THINGS BECAUSE I AM HALF- JEWISH!! Just like Black people( and only a tiny portion of black blood is required to claim Blackness) may call themselves the "N" Word, but it is politically incorrect for others to use the term, I may call myself a Jewess, not as an insult, but with some degree of national identity and ability to laugh at/castigate myself)

My father, Paul Aubrey Geisler is buried, rather interred, ( burial is impossible in southern Louisiana because there the water table is less than an inch or two below ground level)in the Jewish Cemetary in Berwick Louisiana.Or, was: Katrina did a number on the Atchafalaya Basin!

Such a contentious political posturing, Holocaust ASIDE, speaks volumes to and about both the Cains and Abels in this fight. This Judaeo-Christian, Islamic, theocratically-driven, patriarchal struggle is a real drag on the entire planet. ( God told me to kill you; therefore, it MUST be OK!)

Other Old-Testament-esque creeds hold to the same belief-systems... one or more of which is very well entrenched right here in the USA)

I guess god is the best excuse men can come up with to rationalize killing each other.We do need to reduce the human population... sigh... too bad about the collateral damage to Mother Earth!


Discover Common Ground.

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