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 Author: kbarr
PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:26 pm 
I'm interested in words and meanings of words. I've noticed in our national discourse, words used in ways that are at best misleading. For instance, I've heard the recent (and former) elections called open and democratic. Do you remember the 2000 election? Did that fit the definition of democracy? I would contend that because of the electoral college and interference by the supreme court, the 2000 election was anti-democratic in the sense majority rule was abandoned.

How about the recent "open" election? You know, the one where a presidential candidate was detained in a holding facility, tied to a chair for 8 hours, and released after the "presidential debate (where climate change or poverty was not mentioned) was over. Or where another presidential candidate sued to be included in the debates. Does that sound open?

How about the names of government programs like "No Child Left Behind", "Patriot Act", "Homeland Security ", etc.? I think you have to have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek to utter those phrases.

One more particularly egregious example, the National. Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). It sounds like a good thing, except it allows for the indefinite detention of an American Citizen without evidence, access to legal representation, or a trial. This we call the "rule of law".

So, does it matter words have lost the relationship to reality? I think it does. I think our actions are effected by our thought processes, which are mediated by words. Would you still be dancing for joy if our elections were closed and undemocratic? Or instead of celebrating our freedoms, would you celebrate becoming a serf?

As Chris Hedges has said, all we have left is civil disobedience. We fool ourselves by participating in a system that has been subverted by the wordmasters of political, economic, and social control.

 Author: noondaycanyon
PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:00 am 
Can't argue with! It's all smoke and mirrors now folks.

It's Nov. 17th today. The election is behind us and we are now getting to the truth of the matter concerning why Carl Roves couldn't believe his eyes on election night and made a fool of himself. He thought he had it in the bag again as he did with Bush Jr. coup. But Anonymous stopped it all!

http://motleynews.net/2012/11/16/anonym ... itching-2/

If this is true I hope to see Roves and all the others it must have taken to try to turn the election. Is anyone surprised? No? Well if not it just goes to show how far down the fascist highway we all have come when we expect the elections to be crooked. As for myself. I gave up on the elections process shortly after arriving back in the states in 2000. When the Ohio state voting network went down for 90 minutes with Gore ahead only to return with Bush ahead I knew they was something very wrong. Yet it stood.

Now for today news. Israel and Palestine again. Israel is going to go into Gaza to do some killing as is it's own mandate to do so whenever it feel inclined. Why do we sit by and allow this murder, this war crime to continue decade after decade? Because we are told to? How long does this go on in the face of the whole world and there are few to call Israel to account for it's Nazi like tactics? Come on people, this is so wrong for so long. America is complicit in the murder of innocent Palestinians for generations now. Israel has no claim in reality to Palestinian lands. And if they think they do because God says so, call it what is. Insanity, brought on by a God delusion which is tearing the country apart and the world for that matter. I grew up on the ww2 films of the concentration camps and the piety generated by them in this country. But I have grown up. I have eyes and ears and a life time of history behind me in terms of the middle east conflict and Israel and Gaza in particular. Just because the Jews were murdered by Hitler does not give Israel a free license to kill Arabs in the middle east.
It is time for America to say NO to Israel and to stop helping them do murder in our Name!

I am glad that Obama got in over Romney. Let's all hope to have hope again. But don't hold your breath.

I voted for the Green party on November 7th. This is their take on the Israeli Palestinian genocide.

 Author: timothius
PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:32 pm 

Like you, I threw my vote away on some obscure candidate. I personally felt that neither were qualified for the job. Frankly, I know some high school dropouts that have better and more ingenious ideas.

As far as Israel is concerned we would be better off sniffing our own asses than every ass in the Middle East. Enough is enough. Hee Haw!!!



If you are not outraged,,,, You are not paying attentiion!

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