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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:49 pm 

The Gila River needs our support immediately and 2 petitions are available for our signature ASAP. US Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has until November 23 to either approve or reject the Gila River Diversion; does she realize that proceeding with the Gila River Diversion would be a catastrophic mistake detrimental to the economy, environment and quality of life in New Mexico? Does Secretary Jewel realize what a jewel the Gila River is, for both quality of life and economically for tourism and that a group, claiming to love it are now seeking to destroy it for no apparent valid reason while ignoring the overwhelming negative response from the community? Time to let her know!

The first petition offer from the Gila Conservation Coalition can befound and signed HERE

The second petition by the NM Green Chamber and Partnership for Responsible Business can be found and signed HERE

 Author: Nancy Kaminski
PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:39 am 
This Saturday, November 7, 9am, I will bring the GCC petition to Sally Jewell to Javalina Coffee House for your signing convenience. I will also have letter writing material. A personal note makes a wonderful impact. If you have time to write Sally a note I will give you a bumper sticker, No Dam Diversion or Protect The Gila River, and mail them for you.
Come on down, sign the petition, have some coffee, write a note to Sally Jewell and get a free bumper sticker.

 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:01 pm 
I saw the Silver City Sun News article "Officials handle business" regarding the proposed diversion of the Gila River.

Also, Silver City Press ... "In the twilight wait for the U.S. secretary of the Interior's decision on whether to sign the New Mexico Unit Agreement which would move forward a controversial diversion of the Gila River, thousands have signed their name to a petition circulated by environmental groups asking her to withhold her approval. Secretary Sally Jewel has a deadline of Monday to sign the document, let it be rendered void under a timeline set by federal legistlation."

Having worked in the Department of Defense,some deadlines are hard and fast ... extensions can be granted ... but they seem to be by the book in this case. Good. Apparently "Some 54,000 of thee opponents had signed a petition as of Tuesday, urging Jewell not to sign the NM Unit Agreement." Folks like Dutch Salmon, Nancy Kaminski, Donna Stevens, Allyson Sivik, Todd Schultz, and many others with GRIP & UGWA & (certainly my old Cliff Dwellings work and hiking partner, Rhinda Metz, now deceased) have worked tirelessly to save the Gila from diversion). Rhinda and I hiked the Gila often until dark after we got off work at the Cliff Dwellings. We also talked about the Gila. I remember wading it one time near the Bird Sanctuary, on the Gila below Gila, and certainly skinny dipping in the Lower Gila Box. Cranes may be migrating not only to Gila, and the fields out there, but to sand spits on the Gila below Virden.

Having just read "Gila: The Life and Death of an American River," by Gregory McNamee,I feel the sadness that some people where in the West don't ever seem to understand, care, or value the fact that not ever natural resource needs exploited. We've seen the Gila run for as long as human eyes have seen her, and thousands of years of that time frame weren't recorded.

Gila, she runs ... is how I see her. I've hiked along the East, Middle and West Forks for going on 13 + years. I came here in 1998, to check out N.M. as a place to retire. I loved the upper Gila, especially, S.A. Cañon (where a cat is buried and my own ashes would be spread at an undisclosed location ... perhaps with the ashes of my Dearable Wife, Dorothy Eagan, if it came to that. She's gone from this realm forever, but I'm still here, hiking away minus four toes on the right foot and a repaired heart valve and love every bit of it. We found some marvelous swimming holes along the forks of the Gila. Some forks are quieter than others. And beaver. And Great Blue Herons. And rattlers. Tracks and signs of wolf kills or mountain lion kills. Bears two or three times, and mountain lions twice. A bald eagle down by Sapillo one time blew me away. How HUGE!!!

The rivers I grew up around in the Middle West were: the Eel and Wabash, coming together in my town of Logansport, Indiana. Pipe Creek (Crick) Falls and Horney Creek and several other streams ... the Eel would dwarf the Gila at any spot I've ever seen the latter ... the Wabash four or five times ... six times ... as wide where it ran south of Logansport, en route to the Ohio, joined by the Tippecanoe and others ... on into the Mississippi. I loved our lakes and even reservoirs. A different world ... all that Green.

Dorothy and I loved hiking the Gila. Sapillo Creek, was another. I investigated Sapillo because in Louis Kraft's excellent book: "Gatewood and Geronimo" he indicated that some of the Chiricahua Apaches off the San Carlos, in May, 1885, bolted from San Carlos, across the Black River, Blue, San Francisco, Gila, and some broke up into two & three warrior groups up INTO and through Sapillo, to escape to the Mimbres/Black Range. That fired my imagination and I spent many hikes searching ... often alone ... for signs of Apache presence. I found some. I broke a rib up one side cañon, and literally "saw stars" at the pain. But as a former infantryman, pain of that level wasn't significant enough to do anything but head back to the truck ... but not before I hiked another 3-4 hours. (I was told: when you cough with broken ribs: use your arm on the opposite side and brace it so the pain can go somewhere "out there.")
That was just one of a few injuries I sustained hiking, worst, breaking my right ankle 21 December 2009, near Akela Flats, NM. That's a rugged, rugged series of drainages. I would not tell anyone to do that alone. I was a Vietnam vet with PTSD, inspired by the film "Jeremiah Johnson," and I see, now, that solitary hiking like that all over was a form of deep healing for me and a mind that had seen more than enough ... exactly like Jeremiah Johnson.

Water I've found in remarkable places.I believe a spider web of underwater tributaries like the finely tuned web that connects trees, mushrooms, other plants ... exists under the three main branches of the Gila. In a statement submitted to the Secretary (I guess), GRIP honcho Allyson Sivik writes an articulate statement on why the diversion should not go forward as planned. She mentions environmental impact statements, as well as endangered species requirements, impact statements, and cultural (archaeological) studies would also have to be accomplished.

While Im 68 and nearly died in 2012, I am here to show Apaches some places I've found,that if they could be corroborated as Apache, if not,then surely Proto-Apachean, Archaic, Mogollon Mimbréno, Saladan, Patayan ... etc. If some were adjudicated as such, then those areas would be one more reason to delay any diversion. Too bad if the diversionistas don't like that.Reading McNamee's book,it's pretty obvious several groups have been very involved in diverting water out of "Gila, She Runs Through It," for their own irrigation needs, for crops that suck up enormous amounts of water. Hiking near VIRDEN, recently, a light bulb (A BIG ONE) went off, illuminating my mind with the source of some of this need to divert.

Some of those who began diverting ... and CERTAINLY had NO USE for the concept that Apaches or others meant a DAMN to their own biblically claimed reasons for dominion over plants, animals, savages, and water ... are raising water hungry crops here now. Go a few more miles, and encounter terraces where possibly Patayan culture harvested run off, to grow, among other things, prickly pear cactus. I saw literal gardens or prickly pears between terraces built by someone ... and the collected soil behind each terrace ... and in some places, thick GARDENS of prickly pear. Early people here, and surely, the Apaches, could harvest enormous amounts of prickly pear tuna off the cacti, and nopalitos were suerly a staple for indigenous peoples as well as early Spanish and Mexican explorers.

"Gila She Runs Through IT" needs to just be left alone.

Read the report in Nov 21 Daily Press for Allyson Sivik's superbly tailored rebuttal to diversion.

Read McNamee's book. See if you get a sense of who the diversionistas have generally been over time. The attitude expressed by many, whether certain ranchers,miners, corporate interests, is one that say: it's just a friggin river. Big deal!

Anyone who has walked along "Gila, She Runs Through It," knows that there are reasons God set in motion a planet with fundamental forces that have made "IT" in a never ending cycle, for billions of years [time, space, place].(Not 6000, as Dr. Ben Carson wants us to think). I figured out, by the way, after reading Genesis, that there was only a brief period when dinosaurs roamed, before Adam and Eve, and certainly, we KNOW ... "because the Bible tells is so ..." that Noah (and certainly Russell Crowe's most up to date version of the Noah story), that NO room was set aside for Apatosaurs' or Triceratops'. If there had been, then those mating pairs would've produced more ... but there was only sooo much time left after Noah, Moses, the Hebrews, Jesus's coming, and ALL the other things we KNOW have happened since some civilizatiions began writing things down that cannot be blown off ... unless they're from "heathens."

I gotta say: such idiocy as I've never heard. Squishing the dinosaurs in before Adam and Eve, and certainly Noah. I would love to see "The Onion" come out with a photoshopped version of Noah with room for the dinos. You guys go on now, you can't reproduced anymore because it will mess things up for the "Creationists" later. Can't do that!

What I can say, with some confidence, because I believe in science, is that the stirrings of the Gila may be between 50-70 million years old.
Now that's pretty cool.

And yet,I believe also, that it is IMPOSSIBLE, as Herodotus and many others of other cultures have said, for a man to step into the same river twice.

Not possible.

Sort of like all those gadzilliion snow flakes that have fallen ever since the world began to have snow ... and each & every one is unique. I for one, can't say that is scientifically proven, without also saying: there is a God. I'm not it. Neither are environmentalists or ecologists and certainly, not Diversionistas. I'll try to stop by and sign he petition.

Working on an article about Mangas Coloradas. If you visit my Facebook, you can see many photos I've taken while "Hiking Apacheria." If you like them, pass them on to someone 'on the fence" or someone who hasn't signed the petition. It's part of the legacy I leave. I won't be here forever. So, maybe some would enjoy viewing places in "Apacheria" most of you will never go.

At the end of "Jeremiah Johnson," we see anew a seasoned mountain man. Got an Indian wife and a deaf mute adopted son. They live in a world of abundance. they live alone in the mountains. Jeremiah makes a mistake that costs him his wife and son. He is a Mountain Man, and engages with a tribe of Indians who vow to kill him and eat his liver for his transgression. (The story in the film is conflated, but there really WAS a "Liver Eating Johnson," mountain man, who survived such a feud). At the end of several years of fighting mano y mano with numerous warriors ... he's worn down. He runs into his old mentor. Played by communist Will Geer (he was the sheriff in "Salt of The Earth," but had gotten over the McCarthyist taints in time enough to be Grandpa in "The Waltons). Imagine! A Commie turned grandpa beloved by millions!!!!!

Jeremiah asks the old guy: "Would you happen to know ... what month of the year it is?

Now, in 1973, I sat in a theater in CO Springs, and heard that ... and thought ... oh, my God. Oh, dear Lord. Does my heart and mind and soul speak out for that kind of ... presence ... alone ... up high ... away from everyone ... (it was PTSD).

The old guy says: "Why no, pilgrim. I don't rightly know that (what month it is).

"Winter stays a long time up so high."


"Been hard pilgrim, hard?"

"Doesn't feel like hard."

And off they go ... two loners ... two men one of whom has been damaged by war. I don't know how many other combat vets have found peace and solace along "Gila, She Runs Through IT," but I know a few. Can't we, who fought for our country, at least have something like that? And for all the others who have been wounded by life ... can't there be a vast space of Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness, with the Gila as part of that ... unfettered? And for others who want to smell the river and perhaps hear Elk bugle this time of year ... or the harsh scratchy growl of a mountain lion ... or come across fresh bear scat ... without a big crowd around ... certainly, deer and rabbits, turkeys, javallinas, birds, snakes, lizards, scorpions ... and .... maybe a sight of a wolf or hear one ... spotted owls ... Ive seen and hear two ... talked back to them ... hoooooot hoot hooot hooo hoooooot.

If you think so, sign the petition. Let Sally Jewel know stuff like this matters, too. Maybe I'll see if I can print this off and add to the petition.
C-1-17th Mechanized Infantry, 7th Inf Division, S. Korea: 65-66
C-1-7 Cav, 1st CavalryDivisions, S. Vietnam, 66
Army Hospitals, 1 year ... PTSD ever since ...
But, it's better. Much better.
God Bless.

 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:52 pm 
I hope so. Obama is clearly taking some bold steps using Executive Action to challenge a reactionary, ultra conservative, ridiculous House Republican bunch like Steve the Dolt Pearce. Guys who fail to represent all of their congressional districts. Sadly, the last guy who ran as a Democrat, and was elected I guess for State Rep??, was equally a dolt, voting against Obama's Health Care Plan, killing his bona fides as a Democrat. Pearce is a guy who hasn't had an original thought or vote since he was elected. He fails to represent those of us who have more liberal views on the environment; politics in general; gun control; use of public lands ... and now we apparently have some joker who is aligned with the "Oregon" conservatives ... were they African American; Native American; Hispanic American groups ... or some ideologically left group ... napalm and artillery fire probably would've been called in by now. The ridiculousness of the Gila Diversion Project was emasculated in a recent Desert Exposure article adroitly addressed by Allyson Sivik.

Anyone who read that article would have to say: who on the opposing side could ever top that?

Whether Secretary Jewell will find a way to demand strict, logical, scientifically sound, plans that are feasible in a fiduciary sense, from the Diversionistas, I don't know. But let's keep her informed that we demand no less than that from these folks who want to divert our beautiful "Gila, She Runs Through Mangas Coloradas' 'our country.'" I hope that folks who've gone down the Gila in boats, rafts, or kayaks, through any number of the various boxes (I would suggest having been down at Red Rocks two weeks ago, watching the Gila roll, and not being able to have seen that stretch of the Gila from the Bird Sanctuary to Red Rocks), that it would be NICE if those floaters shared with all of us photos of those stretches.

Ive been lucky, over the 13+ years (nearly 14 now) I've been here, to have hiked down to or across or along good stretches of the Gila. It is a wonderful experience. And it runs through miles and miles of Catron, Grant, and Hidalgo Counties. The more folks can see these more isolated portions of the Gila, the more we will grasp why it shouldn't be bottled up in a stupid diversion.

Water wars of far more truculence are coming. The patterns of Global Climate Change are inexorable ... forces are trying to siphon of the aquifer under the magnificent Plains of San Augustin. You'd think with that prospect in mind, Catron County folks would NOT want anyone messing with the Rio San Francisco or Rio Gila, but there are plenty of forces up in Catron County who want "diversion." Grant County is pretty solidly against diversion. Please, if you have floated the river, please, share some photos with Crow, so we can see those portions. I'd like to die having seen some of them ... not a kayaker I'd sure try a raft ... just to SEE what those gorges or "boxes" are like.

The Gila is just a beautiful river. Just a beautiful living entity. For me, "she moves so sinuously" through "our country." Mangas was right to fight for it in his own way.

 Author: crow
PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:02 am 
JE, just to clear a couple of thing up, Grant County is pushing for a diversion, it is Silver City that say "NO Way". Also, in case you missed it, Secretary Jewel rubber stamped her approval. Next is environmental impact study and maybe some more engineering studies.

 Author: sh1
PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:36 am 
Crow -- as I understand it, Sec. Jewell probably didn't have a strong legal basis for rejecting the NM request for the diversion. DOI likely believed they'd be sued by NM if they did, and that the NEPA process was the better ground on which to forestall the diversion bid. Of course, lawyers often recommend extreme caution. In the meantime, the NM CAP entity will proceed to waste millions on studies, designs, consultants, meetings, and Anthony Gutierrez's salary. By the way, does anyone know who will take over as the Grant Co. planning chief when Anthony takes the CAP job? Or does he plan to do both?


 Author: gorwest
PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:03 pm 
I wondered the same thing about Mr. Gutierrez when I saw in the job description that the CAP job is a full-time position. I would guess that it is neither legally, nor physically possible for him to hold both jobs.

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