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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:50 pm 
Candidates are welcome to present themselves and their ideas if they so choose - Everybody is welcome to "speak" to candidates and readers, whether or not a candidate chose to post anything here. No candidate nor their reps/supports can use this as a means to solicit funds, those posts will be deleted and the poster warned. In the past I've posted for the candidates, then I did nothing other than some news stories; now I offer another venue where the candidates can communicate with the community directly and can show us their willingness to do so. Candidates can debate/question each other if they choose.

Though democracy was denied by the legislature on 2 proposed important ballot issues there are bond issues etc that will appear on the ballot in November and are welcome to be discussed here. First, in June are the primaries where Republicans and Democrats will receive different ballots and will chose who will represent their party on the November ballot (where cross party votes can be cast).

 Author: Bruce
PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 10:30 am 
Early voting has started, but there are so many candidates that I wasn't sure exactly what would be on my ballot. No problem. The Secretary of State web site allows you to look up exactly what will be on your personal ballot (based on your district and party registration). The web page is here:


This search may be a bit picky. I entered my middle name (Wayne as in Bruce Wayne), but it didn't find me because I am only registered with middle initial. A computer should have figured this out, but it didn't. If you enter the exact name on your registration it will display your ballot so that you can study it in advance.


 Author: mirocook
PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2014 8:26 am 
Thanks Bruce, for the sample ballot link. Michael

 Author: Bruce
PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 3:15 pm 
Tomorrow is the last day of early voting and Tuesday is the primary election. Some of you may have voted already, but for those like me who haven’t, it’s time to think strategically about your vote. In this discussion I’ll assume you’re registered as a Democrat, because if you aren’t your primary vote doesn’t count much in Grant County.

For me there are only three races on the ballot: Governor, County Commissioner, and Public Regulation Commission. There are other races, but I’ll defer discussion of them to the end.

The governor’s race is unfortunately more interesting than it would be if we had a reasonable primary election system. There are six candidates. The one that gets the most votes wins even if they don’t get a majority. This system is called “first past the post” or “winner takes all”, and it generally means that the most generic candidate wins. This election illustrates how that happens.

Because there are so many candidates, you have to vote strategically based on several calculations:

1. Which candidate do I prefer?
2. Which candidate has the best chance of winning the primary?
3. Which candidate has the best chance of beating Susanna Martinez?

Obviously we’d all like to just vote for who we like, but if you vote for somebody who’s essentially out of the running, your vote is wasted at best, and it may actually boost the chances of someone you oppose. So you have to think tactically based on polls such as this one from Sunday’s Albuquerque Journal:


Howie Morales___12_______16_________11
Alan Webber____16________9_________24
Lawrence Rael__16________18_________14
Gary King______22________23_________20
Linda Lopez_____5_________4__________6

So based on this I could vote for Howie Morales because I like him best even though that would most likely boost Gary King, who I’m not very excited about. I could vote for Alan Webber because he’s a pretty good candidate and has a lot of money that he might be able to use to beat Susanna Martinez. Or I might vote for Lawrence Rael because he’s a pretty good candidate and has the best chance of rallying Hispanic Voters against Susanna Martinez. Or I could vote for Gary King because he’s ahead and the son of a former governor and might have a better chance against Susanna Martinez. If I supported Linda Lopez my choices would be even worse. I don't like even considering ethnicity in my calculations, but in New Mexico...what can you do?

With 29 percent of voters undecided, there are many possible outcomes, although Howie Morales picking up 10 percentage points to beat Gary King probably isn’t a very realistic bet.

So if I vote for who I like, my preference is Morales, Webber, Rael, but if I vote tactically my preference is Rael, Webber, King. None of this guessing and strategizing would be necessary in the kind of runoff election they have in most countries. I could vote for Morales in the first round even if I thought his chances weren’t good. The runoff would pit the two highest against each other and I’d still have a say. But that’s not how it works here, so I do have to think tactically, and you should consider doing the same, although your calculations may be different.

For County Commission, I’ll vote against Gabriel Ramos. Ramos wants to divert the Gila River and was one of the architects of the failed bond issue. I disagree with him on almost everything. I don’t agree with Moses Clark on every issue, but I agree with him on the important one: He’s not Gabriel Ramos.

For Public Regulation Commission, I recommend Merrie Lee Soules. She impressed me as being knowledgeable about utilities and strongly in favor of solar energy. I don’t care for Sandy Jones’ record and I dislike the trashy attack mailings he sent out last week.

And of course, there are other races. I know there are choices for state treasurer, county assessor, and magistrate judge, but I have no idea who is most qualified for these jobs. Rather than vote randomly, I won’t vote.

Take the county assessor. Because of my work I’ve spent a lot of time in the county assessor’s office over the years, and I have been helped by both Raul Turrieta and Mary Guthrie. They both seemed competent and knowledgeable, but I have no idea which is more qualified to be assessor. Most voters have less experience on this than I do. Many people know one candidate or both, and might have an preference based on who they like better, but few of them would know which was most qualified.

That’s why I think judges and technical offices like treasurer, clerk, and assessor should be appointed by elected officials. But they are elected, so we do the best we can.

That’s my thoughts on the election. What are yours? Post them here, or post them in the voting booth.


 Author: Anne
PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2014 8:49 am 
Howie Morales is the only candidate that can even be competitive against Susana Martinez -- his strengths -- ethics, compassion, knowledge, purpose -- are her weaknesses -- plus he's a charismatic young Hispanic male, born and bred in NM, with a beautiful family. Also, Howie should not be underestimated: the poll surveyed 'likely primary voters' and if Howie gets the people who feel passionately about him -- the families of the kids he's taught, coached, and helped over the years, as well as people 'on the street' who know him -- most of whom are not regular primary voters -- he could well win. He has also been endorsed by AFT, AFSCME, and other organizations, who will be getting their people out for him.
Howie is the only candidate that has a constituency, the people in his senatorial district who know and appreciate him. For the next four days, volunteers in Howie's campaign will be calling voters in Luna, Hidalgo, Catron, Sierra, and Valencia counties to urge them to vote for the person who has represented them well since 2008. This could be a HUGE boost for the southern part of the state. Believe me, I live in Abq now and people here and in Santa Fe don't even acknowledge the southern part of the state exists. With 29% of the vote, the race is still open -- and the votes from the southern part of the state count just as much as anywhere else's. Plus, it's a very low turnout election, so it won't take that many votes to win. So PLEASE believe in Howie, believe in our future, and vote for him for the next governor.

Anne McCormick, former Silver Citian

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