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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:03 am 
"Trust Us We Know Whats Best" said the 5 GRMC Board of Trustees (BoT) supporters of the UNM contract. Below the lone dissenter BoT Tony Trujillo next to CEO Taffy, supporter of the UNM contract.
The air was thick with anger and fear, threats of lawsuits, charges of incompetence and accusations of manipulation for a predetermined outcome from most of the 135 + in attendance. and lots of spin from the 5 BoT UNM contract supporters, GRMC CEO and their lawyers. More on this further down.

It was interesting to hear that CEO Taffy said that the contract with UNM was a standard services contract much like the contract for ER services which contradicted the statements that the contract took months to hammer out.

After the meeting I interviewed CEO Taffy with constant interference from the Daily Press reporter attempting to answer for her but she did offer answers through the interferance:
crow: Will the Cancer Center be closed for 90 days?
CEO Taffy: No not 90 days but a few weeks

crow: How many weeks?
CEO Taffy: We don't know how many weeks, the linear accelerator has to be decertified, checked out, maybe repaired and re-certified by the manufacturer because a new contractor will be in charge of it.

Tuesday Afternoon I walked into the Cancer Center to see what was happening, the door is unlocked and no signs are announcing anything, the Candy Stripper at the desk says meetings have been ongoing but everybody is out to lunch but I'm instructed to say that "everything will be back to normal in a week." Another Huh?

Grounds for lawsuits? BoT Trujillo questioned the legality of the emergency meeting under the NM Open Meetings Act at which time the lawyer for GRMC in a muddled and unclear way attempted to explain that the Act was different for a hospital, hum, really? Trujillo also ask if, at the meeting he missed, the winner of the RFP had been voted on and BoT Morones said he had no recollection of a vote; this is important because even though staff may say that the winner of an RFP is this group the board, whether it be a County Commission, Town Council or BoT has the right or obligation to except or reject that winner of the RFP; if all bids are rejected by the Board the RFP has to be resubmitted, but according to BoT Morones no vote was taken.

The Bigger Picture:
The GC Commission is set to hire a consultant to advise them about what to do about GRMC with all options on the table. It wasn't long ago that the County Commission voted a "No Confidence" in a previous BoT which led to the current flurry of BoT's, CEO's and interim CEO's, CFO's etc

I don't know who should run the primitive and brutal cancer center but I do know that behind the scenes there are story's untold, hidden agendas and lessons unlearned.

 Author: timothius
PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:24 am 
I couldn't agree more with crow, I remember times when I was working that I would have to send some employees to a new or contracted position. To make a long story short. I didn't send my best employees, I would send the folks that I could afford to lose. This is common to do in any professional field. Sure they were qualified for the position, but not the best. I kept them at my local site. Unless, one of the others wanted to go to the other location.

As far as GRMC is concerned I am very worried about what I've discussed above. I also feel that what is happening at GRMC is shenanigans plain and simple!

If you are not outraged,,,, You are not paying attentiion!

 Author: crow
PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:09 pm 
One thing I forgot to mention, there was an unannounced quorum of the Grant County Commissioners who were all busy texting and or passing notes (sometimes through 3rd parties to hide their interaction with meeting participants).

To make it clear, I have no opinion as to who should run the Cancer Center, rather my issues are with process, transparency and truthfulness.

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