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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:04 pm 
One of a few downtown Silver City blighted buildings which will be discussed at the Wednesday Community Discussion with Councilor Lynda Aiman-Smith and some Town officials. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, 6:30 pm in the WNMU Student Memorial 3rd floor meeting room. (This room can also be accessed from the main floor of Miller Library.)

Not all vacant buildings look bad but many are unsuitable for renting do to poor condition of roof and or inside and some are likely kept as tax right-offs as the Long John Silver blight may be. (see my article HERE.)

Some are not too shabby yet but are a disaster waiting to happen as is this patch on the Buffalo Bar. This rotten plywood patch was installed a few years ago when the Fire Marshall found bricks ready to fall, the owner placed the patch and produced an affidavit by an engineer that it was sufficient; now it's not as it rots away.

 Author: mousie
PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:19 am 
It would be wonderful if these buildings could be rehabbed and used for the homeless. It seems like no one cares about them, but they aren't going to go away. It would be nice if the community cared about them and their needs; after all, it could happen to any one of us. How would we want to be treated if we were homeless? I doubt that this will happen, but these buildings should be rehabbed and put to some useful purpose.

 Author: Nancy Kaminski
PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:31 am 
That is a great idea Mousie,
Yes, let's do something better for the homeless. In Madison Wisconsin a group has built tiny homes for them and it is working beautifully. Other major cities have realized it actually costs them less to house the homeless than to leave them on the streets. In Silver City we have the buildings in need of repair and people in need of housing. That seems to fit so well. The old skating rink alone has room enough for many small apartments.

 Author: frances
PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:17 am 
which homeless do you refer to? men and women wandering the streets in Silver City that I have seen have significant mental health and substance abuse issues. wouldn't remedy for said issues be the priority in creating a path towards placement in any kind of housing? building cute little homes? I have a number of potentially "cute little homes" in my neighborhood that are ravaged by homeless scamming the owners, settling in with revelers using the alley for a toilet and in general creating a creepy vibe. kids wouldn't use their own huge back yard because of these neighbors' "lifestyle" encroachment until a six foot metal fence was put up. the HUD house nearby has had 10 separate tenants in the past 15 years, many have been the cause of dozens of police visits due to violence and theft , noise complaints and sexual predation. my point? a "structure" does not create a stable person, a neighborly attitude, relieve an addiction or mask the vet who is unable to heal. I know children without a home and security suffer, and to this end Habitat for Humanity seems to be doing heroic things. As for the muddle of adults who coast along the sidewalks of Bullard, frankly scary at times, we need acknowledgement of their real plight before any energy or money is thrown into programs based on faulty concepts or naïve fixes. Curbside mental health clinics staffed by retired volunteer professionals without the acres of paperwork required by state programs ? Stabilized folks for stabilized housing, think of it this way?

 Author: frankie26
PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:41 pm 
The idea of putting vacant downtown buildings to house the homeless, will never happen. Do you really think Main Street would get behind and support this idea, I don't think so. Good luck trying to resolve this problem. In the mean time, it would be nice to get occupied buildings in use to upgrade/paint their store fronts. I can't stand driving by seeing the Diamonds Gym look so horrible next to the nice restaurant who put so much effort and money to make it look so nice and presentable for their customers.

 Author: Fenestra
PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:21 pm 
The current band of homeless are worse than I have ever experienced in almost 30 years of living downtown. This is the REAL reason town -folks don't come downtown... they know what it is like to be preyed-upon, have their children frightened, things stolen from their cars, and choose to go to a safer place...like PA. Tourists are viewed as suckers to be set-upon. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard " My dog hasn't eaten for a week". Unless something is done about these damaged panhandlers, buskers, revealed carry jerks, meth-heads, etc. we might as well just forget about trying to renovate the historic downtown....tourists may "discover" us, and yes, businesses do our best to make them have a good experience, but they won't come back. There is one deranged individual who must have Tourette's syndrome...he walks down the middle of Bullard shouting the worst swear words I have ever heard (and I have heard a lot). Some tourists/eco-travelers were heading to my gallery, but when they heard him raving, spouting obscenities ,really FILTHY language, they said "Let's get out of here"; I don't blame them. Another exposed himself to me a while back...in broad daylight. As for inhabiting empty buildings, guess what? They are already there.

Discover Common Ground.

 Author: mousie
PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:39 pm 
frankie26, perhaps the Main Street Project should consider EVERYONE and not just the select few who do business in town. Granted, a number of buildings downtown are a blight and could sorely use a sprucing up. If the owners don't want to waste money making their storefronts more inviting, you can't make it happen. Some of these places have rehabbed the outside with bright screaming colors, which definitely adds to the scenery, especially for tourists.

Fenestra, if at least some of the homeless got some legitimate help (and not false promises), maybe they would calm down a bit, or a lot. Don't you think that a lot of their behavior is out of anger? As for the guy who screams obscenities, have the police ever been called out to do something with him? If the cops have never been called, whose fault is that?

The last time I was in Palomas, a little girl walking next to her father, pulled on my sleeve and held out her hand. I said quite loudly, "Tell your lazy father to go get a job." And I walked off. The out-of-state friend I was with had some action on his side, and he looked at me for help. I turned to the panhandler and yelled NO. He asked how I could do that and I told him the Mexicans depend on stupid gullible tourists to buy the junk they sell, or come up to you begging for money. You don't have to like doing what I did, but it's effective, because other people hear it and back off. While Palomas is a tourist trap of sorts, the trap is giving into the beggars. To some of these beggars, I'd say "Have a good day." If they understand English at all, they know they've just been slammed, if they don't know English, they are none the wiser and continue bothering tourists, or people who go over to the dentist, the pharmacy, or the Pink House.

There is no reason why people can't just say NO to the homeless pests who beg for money and food. I do think that some of these so-called homeless aren't homeless at all, and it's just a "fun" thing for them to do. There is one homeless soul in town, and I think just about everyone knows him. I always make sure I've got some cash on me when I'm heading to the P.O. He's shy, polite, grateful, and I feel good when I can help him get a meal or two. If he begs in town, I'm sure he's not like the others. He has his pride and being belligerent isn't his style.

When it comes to the homeless of Silver City, there's always two sides of the story.

 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:41 pm 
Dear God, how my times are we going to have this conversation. Plan after plan after plan have been developed to no avail. Maybe some of them are still behind the reference desk at the library. I don't know anymore. But let's deal with one thing first:
There are three categories that 'homeless' folks fall into:

Those that really have no home, ie. the survivors of the recent typhoon in Vanawatu.

Those who could have a home if they chose to (by working at any level to be self supporting).

Those who are incapable of knowing the difference.(the people who have a mental illness who have nowhere to turn but prison for care.)

This being said, the empty buildings....

People own these buildings. If you don't want them the way the are then buy them and fix it up the you want it or go through a legal process of condemnation.
A note: empty, derelict buildings cannot be insured. One fire, ONE, could bring down a row of buildings. If you think the buildings look bad now....
A decade ago there were two functioning movie houses, one theater, an assortment of restaurants (that weren't $20 a plate) art galleries with openings almost every week, and now you have this.
Who to blame: First the city for not acting on any of the suggested plans. But a reminder: the city has a budget from tax revenue. Would you close the women's shelter to open a theater? It's all about priorities.
Second: The original Main Street crew that chose appearance over substance. Is historic preservation the arthritis that sets in when towns die? Does it have to be simply saving a facade as opposed to getting the buildings filled with residents of mixed use (business and living)? To have a LIVING downtown you have to have people LIVING THERE.
Third: The speculators.People from out of town bought some these buildings downtown as an investment when real estate was hot. There's no money in preservation, only in resale, which will never happen.
So what do you do? Separate the 'homeless' into realistic categories and get those with serious mental health issues help, if you can. A Republican governor has done her best to deny funds for problems of this nature.
Second: See if there is any possible way to get a local bank (that hasn't been burned by spurious investment) to underwrite low interest loans for redevelopment vis a vis Paducah, Kentucky. Check it out if you're interested.
Three: SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES, bakeries, restaurants, shops, galleries, shoe repair, furniture, collectables, etc.
If you support local businesses they could afford to HIRE THE HOMELESS that want to have a life of personal responsibility and concern.
So let's sum up this action plan:
1, Help the homeless that can and should be helped.
2. Use it or lose it. That's the motto for downtown buildings.
3. Support local businesses.

It seems to work everywhere but here. Why is that?


 Author: ynotwrite2
PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:58 am 
Richard makes excellent points.
Padukah is a quite different case. it went down, down, down like detroit and then at or near the bottom there was so much recoverable real estate it could be condemned and sold to "artists" for $1 who then turned their gifts into assets. here , unfortunately, the law of the west is private property is inviolate, we only condemn property for roads and highways.

we live in a town and an age where the cult of the individual in the political and social sphere is close to 100% victorious, democratic ideals rest almost completely in control of mass media and the ideology of wealth and success, as a student of society, i've watched the pendulum swing far to the right, even the great recession we've recently endured wasn't great enough for any significant political movement to evolve with a communal outlook or agenda that's resonated with a significant body of the public. even among my crowd of facebook friends, complaint about the facts is rife, action and sacrifice to push back....am i blind? I'm not seeing it. the last midterm elections: my generation who benefitted from the "new Deal" stayed home or voted for moderates and conservatives who largely regard social welfare and exisiting safety nets as excessive and a burden on the productive.
last: the malling of america. social control in public spaces is lost. people want to be comfortable and safe, so they shop on private property where unseemly behavior, tho not dangerous can be summarily dealt with the mall authorities. the local police really have neither that option or resources, and now i don't even have to go anywhere. i go Here: the internet to shop.

i was asked by crow to edit my remarks.

he found them obtuse.

padukah, an industrial town, crashed to the bottom or close to it.

silver city has had tough times, but never close to padukah.

no politician in new mexico is going to rush around tattered towns advocating the condemnation of boarded up buildings, period.

communal consciousness has waned considerably in my lifetime, and the latest great recession has produced howls of pain, disappointment, and grief, but no cogent response.

public spaces in communities across the u s a are filled with the damaged, disgusting, disempowered. most "regular" people would rather shop in a controlled environment, away from them. shop at a mall, box store, on the internet.

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