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 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 1:59 pm 
My wife Dorothy, now gone 4+ years, & I went to a workshop in Tucson sponsored by Brad Lancaster. We made some efforts to suggest to city council members the idea of them getting behind similar projects re: harvesting water as one or two neighborhoods in inner city Tucson had already established. That never went anyway. Just a city wide program to cut curbs, and allow water gushing down from heavy rains, or snow melt, seemed too much. Over the years, "Hiking Apacheria," I've tried to build check dams on trails most likely, horses have really torn up. I realize there are projects by horse riders to rebuild trails but if a column of horses or mules goes up or down FS trails in the Wilderness, when the trails are muddy, snow bound, etc., they do much more damage than 1-20 hikers do in a single day over the same ground.

In the interim, Dorothy & I got a metal roof, and had the gutters drain in one location (garage & house) and since, have had rain barrels collect the water. I believe one barrel holds 125 or 150 gallons and it has filled five or six times already this rainy season. snow melts quickly, here, and that, too, come off the roofs & into the ollas. We bought that large one from Lisa Jimenez & her husband, who makes them.

Eventually, I was able to sign up for a program the city had with Van. He measured the water flow down my street, and I was able to learn I was at a spot where huge amounts of water ran off the street. van told me the cubic feet per second, but I'm unable to locate that info

I've got a nice water catchment pond in front yard. I know that is has filled totally, to capacity, six or eight times that I could monitor. In night, more than that.

With the incredible bullshit horsing around with the Gila River razmataz, that goes on endlessly, I'd ask that at least Silver City project the following:
FOR THOSE WHO ARENT PARANOID THAT THE GOVERNMENT will spy on them, allow x number of people to apply for metal roofs. Same time, allow for gutters to be designed to allow water to come off those metal roofs. Harvest that water. And, if situation warrants, allow for one or two water catchment ponds to be created in other areas on city street frontage. this will allow water running down streets to help suppor vegetation that is native to NM. I know that I had help from friendly gardener who told me about milkweed as way to lure in Monarch butterflies. And other vegetation.

I DO NOT KNOW WHERE ALL THIS WATER COMING OFF THE STREETS GOES? IT MAY ENTER the water table, and perhaps increase the amount of water in the table. I suspect so. I suspect that the water running down my street, emptying into the Yankie Street drainages, into the water table, but I know I cannot drink it.I know I am not using it to water my cacti or flowers in front. I hope it does not go to President Trump's charities. That would be bad. He can do what he's doing to eviscerate all the prior work to deal with climate change. A monster so far as environmental issues are concerned.

Vote in November for that problem.

But, Silver City residents should ask van to conduct a one or two day workshop. Inform residents of the potential

If the water salvation group would allow ONLY the water harvesting features ... without metal roofs, say, $2000 - $2500 for water collection features ... Ollas; gutter work on houses, sheds, barns, etc.; water catchment ponds ... then Silver City could see a large increase in harvesting water that goes down the streets. If metal roofs could be included in a grant, so much the better. Planting vegetation in Tucson was well under way in the neighborhoods we visited. Shade is created when trees are part of that.

I am always reminded of the science fiction novel & movie: "Dune." Those guys saved even their perspiration. And they had enormous underground catchment (no evaporation) issues. I don't know if that is possible here. Silver City could become a true magnet for those who want to lived in a SW community (small) that harvests every possible drop of rain, hail, snow melt. And, city streets could also see water harvesting to help staunch the flow of damaging run offs in heavy rains. Market Street is a great example of what Van can do. I know if I had the break, I'd see if my front roof could see a modification for draining into ollas there. then set up a system to use that water in leaner times. It doesn't stay long in the ollas. But, it's SOMETHING.

"The rain falls on the just and unjust ..."
Jesus said.

who am I to question that.
The rain clouds that pass overhead, always pass by.
The rain clouds that pass overhead, never pass by ...
they always come and go ...
They never come and go.
The rain that falls today ...
always falls.
Never falls.Le

I'd say: the Gila Water group that wants to allow larger scale water diversion projects will urinate that away. In the meantime, what would, $2,000,000 do for Silver City to establish it as a water harvesting mecca for the next dozen or two dozen years. Let's not wait on the other entities to get with this program. Ranchers could EASILY allow water catchment, perhaps only in the suburban areas of Silver City, or Mimbres basin, to do this, too. I can only GUESS at what $20,000.00 would do for ranches that have many buildings that would allow water catchment.

I'd guess that an old friend, Karen Kalwic out in Gila, on Turkey Creek Road, could or did harvest, by now, thousands of gallons of water into her "tanks" that she used to water fruit trees. Maybe 1500 gallons, maybe more, each rain. It was amazing to realize all that water she used for such watering. Those trees must be tall enough now to give good shade. A swale added cane growth, and that, too, was from water harvesting. again, more shade.

It's worth trying to get a million or two from this water commission for these purposes. Let's get SOMETHING GOING WITH HARVESTING WATER. NOW IN 2018.

 Author: lisajimenez13
PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:36 am 
Hi Jerry,

I agree, and thank you for mentioning our handmade rain barrels! Our labor of LOVE! Yes, we need to do much more with regard to water harvesting. It wouldn't take much to educate and incentivize Silver City residents to harvest/capture rainwater and utilize it for cooling shade, gardens, food production, etc. Would also make a big difference in the stormwater that creates so much erosion and ends up carrying a lot of contaminated water into the Big Ditch.

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