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 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:34 pm 
I've wondered if there will be a counter inauguration demonstration here on 20 January.

I participated in a HUUUUGE anti-inauguration demonstration January 20, 1973, when Nixon was re-elected.
It may have had between 200-400,000 demonstrators.

I went as a contingent from Indiana University.
Bill & Emily Harris, of course, had been there as SDS members.

I did not meet them but was for a time part of SDS (Not Weathermen as Mark Rudd, et al). DVD about that.

The rally was huge. We stood or assembled near the Lincoln Memorial. When the front of the line moved, it took one to two hours for where we were to move. We marched to the Washington Monument. It was cold enough to make the mucus in your nose freeze up ... I thought smoking some Jamaican ganja would help, but it just made everything more intense. The crowd was pretty amazing to be part of.

For me, I went there practicing non violent.
As the crowd spilled off the Washington Monument rally (many speakers and singers), I went with the bunch that said they were alongside the parade route.
That bunch was eventually infiltrated by violent anti-war folks.

There were snow fences along the parade route.
NOW, there will be buses lined up nose to tail for the length of the parade route.

Then, the cops did not wear BLACK uniforms (a la the Schutzstaffel or SS of the Nazis); wear SWAT uniforms; possess concussion grenades as have apparently been used at Standing Rock; kevlar helmets; black visors that make it impossible to see their faces; but they did have batons, tear gas, and used it on the
crowd that broke the snow fences up, began throwing them at the parade. Things got pretty weird. I was glad I'd been trained in non violent demonstration techniques.

If there are any old timers who were part of Grant County Peace Coalition, 2002-2005 or 06, you know we insisted on practicing non violent responses to any violence that was shoved our way when we marched in 4 July Parade, which caused some serious threats to some of us. Also, some name calling along the route. Other than that, though, GCPC conducted many demonstrations & rallies, teach ins. Kyle at the radio station shot mucho video of those events.

I am not into making trouble. I don't know all the facts re: to the Standing Rock situation. During rallies against George Wallace, I got my head cracked by a billy club. It hurt. During the anti-Inauguration Demonstrations in 1973, the cops DID use tear gas. I was exposed to live tear gas during combat in Vietnam, and know that it was impossible to deal with without a mask. The Army also used vomit (CN) gas, which did what the name implies. It wouldn't surprise me if cops somewhere have CS & CN gas. Stun grenades. If they're using concussion grenades, then we had those, too, in Vietnam. They can kill. They can certainly stun the shit out of you, make your noses, eyes, and ears bleed. And, knock you around ... the idea was to stun the enemy, then go in for the kill. That's what we infantry were trained to do.

If Standing Rock opponents are actually using gas, and concussion, that is serious stuff. Tear gas will burn your eyes pretty bad, especially if you rub them, as you instinctively will. That makes it much worse. Vaseline and plenty of water are invaluable as are handkerchiefs, or, if you can get one, a gas mask surplus.
Ripping it off (by the cops), will expose you to the gas, and likely get you whacked on the head with a baton.

The militarizatiion of cop forces around the country, I suspect, will get much more serious as Trump enters the first year of his First Reich. God knows
what will happen. I do think people should look at what the LAPD has said about not messing with immigration issues. There are a number of cities tht have said or already practiced same. Sanctuary cities are also going to be a problem for Trump in trying to deport his millions of undocumented "aliens." Yes, the GOP platform reverted to that term.

I know that at nearly 70, I've felt despair that our country has dropped down to Duck Dynasty level of consciousness.

I'd also suggest people google: total number of votes for all candidates on November 8. There were 132,000,000 who voted. 62 or 63,000,000 for HRC. The combined total for HRC; Johnson; Stein; McMullin; and Constitutional Law Party, I believe, plus 1,000,000 for "other" parties, including Right Wing cases, was 72,500,000. There are more of us than Trump's 60,000,000. So, while that malignant narcissistic sociopathic serial sexual predator homophobe (sooner or later with Pence), anti immigrant, anti muslim, anti abortion, anti immigration reform, anti whatever ... may be our Pres, he isn't going to get a free ride.

Working with the 3-4 moderate Republicans on key issues in the Senate may help. Maybe some have some courage and spine left. I'm not expecting much.

This is a slide into a place I never thought I'd see. I sure didn't support the Civil Rights Movement as a teen; worked for equal treatment in the military; fight in Vietnam; come out against the Vietnam War during the year I spent in Army hospitals (3 Nov 66 -- November, 67) for gunshot wound and malaria (didn't even have PTSD as a diagnosis then); oppose the Iraq War ...

Perhaps others who were part of these & other movements could post here. It may inspire some who've not been part of this kind of thing. This is kind of like passing down. It is important to practice non violence. It is also perhaps worth watching the films: "Gandhi" and listen to the closing statement. And, "Selma,: "Amazing Grace," "Amistad," "Twelve Years As a Slave," the film about Harvey Milk (haven't seen it all); "Born On The Fourth of July" (can't watch it ... too close to my own story); "Coming Home," etc. A film festival of those films might also help inspire. I'm sure there are a bunch more. Our "Teach In" after the first march by GCPC was an all day affair.

"Teach Ins," were part of the Vietnam Anti War Movement, perhaps movement against nuclear proliferation, etc.

I hope no one sets themself on fire as the Quaker guy did outside Donald Rumsfeld's office. Or the Buddhist priests did in the mid 1960s, to protest the Diem Government. God bless. I have no idea what I'll do on 20 January, but maybe there will be people who are going to hook up at Gough or something. God bless again. I don't think it is possible to overstate what the situation is when we have a man who doesn't seem to see any "conflict of interest" with his wealth, the Presidency, and a Bromance with Vladimir Putin. It is, in fact, stunning!!! if you know about the history of the GOP. "Commies under every bed." Absolutely stunning.

This is what happens, I think, when baby boomers didn't take acid. Had Trump taken some acid (I am in recovery, so this is old stuff), maybe he'd be
looser. Although, Charlie Manson took lots of acid and look where he wound up doing.

Still trying to sell all my Grateful Dead, Dylan, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia Band cassettes. About 600 tapes, at least.

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