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 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:53 pm 
The commo back & forth, starting with Kyle's comments about what this is all about was where I was at after a series of medical issues, death of a partner, etc., have taken me waaaay out of this loop.

I share the sentiment that Craig Rupke, et al, have become masters of some kind of dance.

How this wound up before the board of nine legislatures, who will make some decisions about how this $125 million is used, I've lost track of. It is a mind boggling thing to think that some water (acqueia) association elsewhere in the state may somehow intrude in what I thought was an issue solely for Catron, Grant, Luna, and Hidalgo counties. Cotton hungry Luna ... imagine, somehow they get through a dazzling shell game, water for cotton.

I'd suggest that if this is to be parceled out, then here's one thought (probably a waste of time).
1000 homes in Grant County, where homeowners (not apartment or rentals) sign up to receive metal roofs.
They also agree to have gutters installed so that every drop of rain water or snow melt off those roofs is channeled into water catchment ollas.
If there is land available for even more water catchment (swales, let's say), then they are also given a shot at a second round of disbursement of funds for those. In other words, one gets the metal roofs and water catchment devices on round one. Lottery, whatever. Keep it simple and straight forward,
Grant County also applies for a certain amount of $$$ for larger water catchment projects, such as being worked right now in Silver City (as far as I know, only in Silver City).
Efforts are also made, if $$$$ still available, to plant trees, or restore some wetlands within Grant County.

Let's just say: all of this comes in under $5 million.
If this $125 million can NOT be allocated for such projects, and it's one big pot for all $125 million, then yes, who are the people who propose pumping water to a reservoir (where) over the Continental Divide "with passion.". What kind of person actually says, before other thinking human beings, that "passion" will make this work ... for ONLY $125 million. Total. No further costs. Are we so desperate to throw our futures, and those who will follow, into a project that will only START at $125 million.

Catron County is also engaged in some struggle over the very old Plains of San Augustin aquifer. What a travesty. That water has percolated into the earth for many, many millions of years. It will go to Texas, or ABQ, in the soon to erupt "water wars." The Pentagon has probably gamed many war scenarios where water will become a precious commodity. Likely, Africa will be thrown to the wolves first. Other nations, such as China, which has turned it's own water into a toilet sloshing around on land and the sea itself, is converting 400,000 ground troops into naval and air resources. They will become a giant gorilla that will go to war, sooner or later, against someone with more water. They're dredging the South China Sea, etc., to make "islands" that they can then claim some outrageous 200+ mile limit around as "soverign" land.

The criticality of fresh water by 2040, when I'll likely be gone, is inevitable. The SW will become a very dangerous place to be as climate change causes places where they've been watering golf courses, and filling swimming pools, for decades. So, I do not know if there is a simple, #1, 2, 3 way to explain this. It is bizarre that this is now at the State Legislature's hands. And, that Craig et al, are still dancing around, somehow shifting all of this off to a higher course.

But yes, who ARE the prime movers in our four county area who are so arrogant and bizarre to think all of this will not become an enormous albatross around the necks of those who follow us.

Lastly, if there is a way to parcel out some portion, can we attempt to get, say, several estimates on water conservation measures for just GRANT County? I believe that there are many ways Grant County could become a gem in the crown for showing others, elsewhere, how to catch and retain water, for the future. Eventually, because others, with plenty of water, who've fouled it with the residue of "fracking" or other ways to pollute what God gave them, may want to know how we've set a new standard for using our water wisely. As if it is a sacred gift. Walk the desert. Carry all the water you can. Get out there, and see how wonderful it is to see tinajas, or places in arroyos where water has collected for centuries. The Mimbrénos and Apaches showed us that water can be "created" in a sense with tinajas and improving natural arroyo drainages. Think "Dune." How in that novel, every drop was saved that could be saved.

This has been a wonderful rainy season. I've seen arroyos and streams just gushing, making wonderful babbling sounds. That only lasts a bit. But, if you can, right after a big heavy rain, go out in the more desert parts of our surroundings. And watch and listen to the water. It is wonderful. Sacred. It's a shame we have, some people, who, for a better phrase, have "shit for brains" when it comes to this matter. Just a shame. I guess I call them, "flat earthers." Climate change is a myth. Ummm.

 Author: Jean Eisenhower
PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:01 am 
In the Sept 1 Silver City Daily Press, I read the most incredible quote of the new chairman of the CAP entity, Darr Shannon: "[T]he deep passion our group has for capturing this water is beyond understanding."

There you go: The public just can't understand, and they won't even try to explain, other than asking us to understand their "passion."

Shannon went on to say (and this is hilarious) that the $900,000+ shortfall they plan not to ask the state for. Instead, she said, "We're a conservative group of people who all know how to use a shovel." Apparently, she doesn't know how to speak in public without stupid things coming out of her mouth; in other words, she's not an appropriate chairperson - which speaks to this entire issue: They can't get intelligent people to promote it.

From all the information we've been given, it clearly makes NO sense. OR, the project makes "sense" in some manner that those in power have chosen not to tell us.


 Author: Joanie
PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:41 am 
Yes, the delusional mindset of these people is only matched by the sociopathy of the plan itself!

One correction to Jean's comments - the shortfall is $900,000,000 or 900 million dollars, not 900,000.

Thanks, Forum!

 Author: AT Cole
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:41 am 
like j.e., we too are somewhat out of the loop on this bizarre diversion-thing because our provider failed, but along the lines of 100,000 metal roofs-rain water idea, i have been thinking of a similar option...why couldn't the money be used for habitat restoration...there are erosive incisions everywhere and if there was a massive, county wide restoration effort, runoff could be slowed, the groundwater table bumped up and grant county could pitch itself as the greenest county in the southwest...ranchers would benefit, tourism would benefit, jobs, the list is endless...with climate change accelerating and less rain, water is the ticket...a.t. cole

 Author: Jean Eisenhower
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:34 am 
Thanks for the correction, Joanie ~


 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:20 pm 
If any two warrant five star respect, a.t. Cole and Lucinda do for their incredible restoration along burro cienega.

We get daily staus reports on 90 bridge work but what is status of water harvesting awarded for work in S.C? If the diversionistas want passion, let grant county water harvesting, restoration, get a few million.

The work could employ dozens for a few years ... Train people fundamentals, say, of check daming; drainage strategies; and also ... Every seasonal incision that requires road work clearing ... Reduce that .. Reduce gas consumption. Stream and wetland restoration, as @ combs & market could yes, serve grant county.

Where the doo doo hits the fan on water, we could serve as a model for others. Revisit "Dune" sci Fi for a "vision" of what could be. Really. No jiving. The vision of "Dunes" water harvesting culture has stuck in my "haid" for 35 years.

What a timely guide book.

 Author: Nancy Kaminski
PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:53 am 
The saddest news of all is that our local conservation groups put forth several proposals which would do many of the things people are suggesting here. The original $66 million dollars, ours without any payback (free money), would have paid for all the non-diversion proposals. But the ISC not only requested the Deming diversion be built they also gave only about 10% to non-diversion proposals. That is not enough for them to get any matching funds. The ISC also inserted language so that the CAP entity, chaired by Hidalgo County Commissioner Dar Shannon, cannot ever give any more money to non-diversion conservation projects.

I have been involved in this process for eleven years now and it just keeps getting crazier. So much of this makes no sense that I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I now understand the adage that water flows uphill toward money. Somewhere someone thinks they can make money on this diversion.

There has been talk of leasing the water back to AZ, buy it cheaper than you can sell it? Then a Luna County employee was recommended as a CAP employee with a salary around $100,000.00 per year. Can they really do that?

Many years of meetings and a great deal of money have already been wasted. The ISC has spent this money on studies without peer reviews to justify their diversion plans. The ISC and the CAP entity are sure to find more ways to waste our $66 million and more if the Feds will give it to them. All the while our conservation proposals could have saved water for many generations to come without raising your taxes, or selling bonds or diverting our precious Gila River.

The good news is several of our Legislators were asking not only what the boondoggle diversion would cost but also "What is the river worth as it is".

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