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 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:18 pm 
By now you have seen the video, heard the charges; there is no way to smother the obvious: Donald Trump is unfit for the Presidency of the United States.

This Forum has, in recent years, shied away from advocating one political opinion over another. I respect this position and do not wish to undercut the principles at work here; fair and balanced, but not the Fox version.

It is time to let go of that position at this time in our history. We are faced with the vilest person ever to run for The Presidency of our country. Video taped misogyny has ripped away the curtain that Donald Trump has been hiding behind. The ugly truth of the man is enough to strike absolute terror in your heart. He wants to rape your wife and daughter, steal every penny you have, strip away every civil liberty that he doesn't like, silence or sue every journalist he thinks is conspiring against him, repeal Obamacare, gut environmental legislation, privatize prisons, privatize schools, and advocate for a world that looks more like the people at his rallies: White, Racist, Outraged, Unemployed, Belligerent, Violent, Poor, Uneducated, Sociopathic, and Genetically Deformed. Half of his supporters deplorable? Maybe not; but certainly a quorum.

None of this is news to many of you; old news, headline grabbers, bus stop conversation. But it isn't 'old news'. Without action, it will be our future.

Because of Trump's collapse, there is an opportunity to shake up our local, statewide, and national elections. By tagging every Republican candidate as an ally of Trump, there is a 'painted with the same brush' effect that might help in the election of 'down ballot' Democrats to offices currently held by Republicans in the State House and Senate, local County Commissions, and national Senate and House candidates. Locally, we could finally get rid of Steve Pearce, the representative of the mining, ranching and Redneck community, and put in place a new elected official who may have a vision ; a vision of environmental respect and preservation, of decent education, healthcare, and shared community goals.

I am not advocating a specific candidate; just any candidate that isn't a Republican.

Bernie or Bust folks, Gary 'Allepo' Johnson supporters...I respect your values and the energy you have spent on your candidates. No one should expect you to change your opinions, even if the fate of democracy, the environment, and the world writ large, is at stake. No, really. It's not your fault. Honest. Just take down all the mirrors in your house so you won't see your face of shame. Just kidding. Enjoy Hell.

I've run out of steam. Watch Keith Olberman at GQ.COM to see smart at work. He will fill in the blanks for the people who are undecided about how perilous this time in history is.

Burn the sofa, take a change of clothes, a water bottle and some food. There are rough times around the corner. Gird your loins (whatever that means), take a deep breath, determine a future worth sacrificing for, and hop to it. Hold your nose, if you have to, and vote. You future, our future, hangs in the balance.


 Author: blakemore
PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:05 am 
Well said!

 Author: ynotwrite2
PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:17 am 
Richard, its nice to hear your voice again on our local forum. I wonder if ted cruze, marco Rubio, or some other pence like republican had been the candidate, would you have made the same rail against moral idiocy? and felt in your heart the same passion.
for me, I have discovered that lurking behind every passion is the law of unintended consequences, accidents of history and now in our own age the consequence of invention.
as we fight over immigration, jobs, America's place in the would, I sense something's unfolding that's right under our noses ,getting hardly a mention.
oil- the usa is now the world's largest producer, as an aside some scientists at a national lab have made a diaphragm that selective passes co2 cost effectively , could this be clean coal?
silicon intelligence- at every level what we just a half generation ago,had sitting on a desk, now fits in a hand held connected to the cloud- or as far as jobs are concerned sits within factories and within each machine previously operated by a human.
batteries- it won't reasonably fit here but what's happening with battery science - astounding ! if I last a decade, a box on the wall will have all the energy a home needs and the brain to interactively take or give to the electrical grid with or without alternative energy (solar or wind or ?)
3D printing,nanotech, big data, molecular bio (gmo's), the power of closely connected collectivism- corporations, single party states (would you have imagined north korea making a bomb and a missile system) soon capable of hitting any locale on earth?
here sitting with my fellow old men on the park bench i'm given wonder.
like you , i'm voting for Hillary.
unlike you, I've seen something happening and I don't know what it is, how the world of punctuated stability, chaos and progress will intersect with it, or how I personally will make meaningful choices for me , my mate, offspring, friends, my fellow humans, the biosphere.

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