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Northern New Mexico College Falters
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Author:  crow [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  Northern New Mexico College Falters

Hola hermanas y hermanos,

Many of you may be aware of the struggle for educational equity in Espanola, New Mexico at Northern New Mexico College (NNMC). We are a small, regional 4-year college (though 80% of our students are in 2-year degree or certificate programs).

In the past two months, we have lost more than 25% of our full-time faculty (Chicanas among them) and our enrollment has declined over 50% in the past two years. In addition, our tuition has steadily incresed in the past 3 years while programs, faculty, and our Child Care Center have been cut. Our College serves a majority Chicana/o population (68%) as well as a relatively large Native population (11%) in a low-income region. The direction of the College has been a subject of much discussion in our community and as the news of the College's decline begins to spread nationally, those of us who have been faculty at NNMC have had many inquiries.

I want to thank you all who have contacted us--your concern and your solidarity are greatly appreciated by the students, staff, faculty and greater community.

Many have requested further information on the conditions at NNMC. A source of information--media clips, documents, letters--is the NNMC Study Group, found at <http://nnmcstudygroup.weebly.com/blog> http://nnmcstudygroup.weebly.com/blog Of particular interest to those in our Chicana/o community is the open letter released by Dr. Patricia M. Perea, which can be found at http://nnmcstudygroup.weebly.com/letters.html Please feel free to share widely.

The NNMC Study Group can be contacted for further information. I am also happy to answer any questions or concerns.

In Solidarity,

Annette M. Rodriguez
PhD Candidate, Brown University
Adjunct Instructor, Northern New Mexico College

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