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 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:16 pm 
Well, here we are. The entire Resistance movement was created to try an avoid this very historic moment. It’s no joke that we have witnessed the acid thrown in the face of American democracy and it is very, very Republican to steer the blame to Democrats, to the Deep State, to Hillary, to George Soros, to Robert Mueller, to witches, to the Philadelphia Eagles, to pardons and powers and aliens, etc, etc, but never, EVER to Donald J. Trump, AKA Escaped Research Monkey High on Cocaine.

Everyone constantly talks about this presidency as ‘unique’, ‘unconventional’; one that drains swamps, builds walls and praises Nazis. This is, too be sure, a different kind of presidency, one that defies decency and political ‘norms’ and one, and this is the important one, that cons people out of everything they used to trust; the FBI (w/caveats), the CIA (w/caveats), the Justice Department. Instead they substitute gibberish about illegal immigrants, the Paris Accords, the Iran Deal, and ‘Spygate’, knowing that they can ‘shoot the American electorate in the face on 5th Ave.’ and get re-elected by a landslide. They truly hope they can get away with it and, thus far, they have, but only because the Republican Congress has been looking for the way out of the cowardly maze they have made for themselves instead of facing down the monster they created. They are shooting craps while babies are ripped from their mothers arms at the Border and back slapping all around as oil wells sprout around Chaco Canyon, eating the spirit, throwing salt on history.

I have struggled to name the Devil; I have settled on Donald Trump. I need to understand Him, to see the world as He sees it, to see how He intends to reshape the world in His image. He has several tried and true ways to achieve His aims, but which one is the most appropriate for now? First on the list was…

‘Fascism’: a government characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and the control of commerce, industry, and the military. Gulp.

That covers a lot of bases but it’s not quite it. So I added…

‘Dictatorship’: rule of a country by one person or political party; a system where authoritarian rule regulates almost every aspect of public and private life.

Gosh, that’s getting there but we need a little more cream in the butter, so let’s add…

‘Kleptocracy’: a government with corrupt leaders that use their power to expand their personal wealth, the wealth of their family and peers, at the expense of the wider population.

Wow! What a smorgasbord of corruption and horror; a mash up of Halloween and Christmas. There needs to be some kind of singular word that encapsulates the best (and worst) aspect of each of these models. ‘Kleptofacism? ‘Fasdictorship’? ‘Dictofasklept’? Way to complicated. I think I’ll just call the Devil Donald Trump and be done with it.

Donald Trump has a little of each of these governmental monsters in his soul. They are visible to all who chose to see, rationalize and explore. Evidence abounds regarding corruption, collusion with Russia, and the subsequent cover-up and obstruction of justice. It is now an end game of diversion, division, and deception by everyone shielding Trump. To try and get some love from culprits who have plead guilty, Trump is throwing pardons around like candy from a Mardi Gras float. None of this in the end will spare him. He has dined with snakes never realizing he was dessert.

This is now late Tuesday. Tomorrow we will know the path forward to the mid-terms. The candidates will be defined, their platforms ironed out, and their feet firmly on the blocks. There are some things we must do: support the candidates who take up the spear with money and time. Be active, write letters, post signs, talk up the vote. Support the Democratic Party in its efforts to take back the House, a necessary step to safeguarding our future (if it isn’t too late). And lastly, don’t bother to change anyone’s mind. 26% of the American electorate has its mind set in concrete; Trump is infallible, a truthsayer, a map to the Endtimes. Do not try and convince them otherwise. It is a waste of time. Instead, talk to those who vote but are undecided; co-workers, friends at yoga, checkers at WalMart, anyone that might be thinking about voting but needs that little nudge towards responsible participation in democracy.

This is the strategy: work, speak, support, and don’t give up. This may be the last opportunity we have to put the Evil Genie back in his bottle of shitty Trump vodla.

Work, Speak, and Resist. It’s now or never.

r. earnheart

(Feel free to pass this essay on. Share it with friends, enemies, and strangers. The goal of this writing is, of course, to feel free.)

 Author: factoted
PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:24 pm 
Brilliant !! Thank you so much for those words Richard. I will share them with all but the 26% - I agree, their minds are made up - don't confuse them with the truth. You'r right - we just need to mobilize those who are overwhelmed with the barrage of insanity coming from Washington to vote for the Dems in November.

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