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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:10 am 
The Republican Nominee For Prez
Normal people call this a childish tantrum, a bully of high degree, a rich elite bully from a young age raised at the knee of a racist daddy dearest. This bully wants to occupy the top bully pulpit in the land and like the classic aryan fascist, blames our troubles on immigrants, non-whites and "bimbos" (ie: smart women). "only I can fix the problems and on day 1 of my presidency I will make the streets safe" meaning "I'll declare marshall law and put troops on the streets"; what else can he mean?

"I'd like to hit him, he is just a little guy and I just wanted to hit him so hard..." speaking of the Muslim immigrants whose USA military son was killed in war and the crowd cheered.

The poor are worthless, I made it with a modest million dollar family loan, why can't the lazy poor do it too? Cheer here.

They are coming to get us, I'll build a wall that no animal rapist can cross nor any 4 legged to roam its home territory; hey bimbo, where's my dinner and they all cheered louder. My low wage slaves better not strike, I'm the job creator. I'll show those elite just how to do it better.

Breaking news, his Atlantic City casino, technically now owned by a "friend", bankrupt once already, is closing, the stated reason is the slaves are on strike demanding to be treated better and earn a living wage, basterds.

Muslims and Mexicans, you want to come here? We'll torture you until your eyes bleed everyday for the rest of your lives and the crowd cheered louder.

But really, I gotta thank prune face for bringing out so many white racial and religious bigots and their uncle toms to remind us of just how many there still are and their desire that this should be the face of america both at home and throughout the world.

The village idiot wants to rule the empire. Greed is good, its them or us, and they all cheered louder.

 Author: gila honey
PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:10 am 
I completely agree. I am stunned how many people are supporting this creep. He is such a childish person. How can anyone support a 3 year old for president? I am shocked that there are so many racist amerikans. I had hoped better for our country. Democrats NOW! All those years the Repiglicans fostered these hatefully philosophies and now they must deal with the monster of their own creation. I want a more inclusive, forgiving and charitable society.


"All you need is LOVE"

 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:51 am 
Trump is unique.The first psychosexual, possible sociopathic, certain narcissistic candidate to ever run for the Presidency. Atlantic Magazine has an excellent article of the psychology of this cruel man. I say he is cruel, above all, because without an ability to empathize, he maligns Mexicans, Muslims, Muslim families survivors of son killed performing his duty in Iraq, women, handicapped people, individuals like John McCain who was captured (and subsequently tortured severely), accepts shamelessly a Purple Heart from a follower ("I always wanted one of these."). I earned mine 3 Nov 1966, when one man shot the hell out of me, two tried to kill me.

I spent a year in hospitals and also contracted malaria and PTSD. I never filed for Agent Orange, although I probably should.

Donald Trump is cruel because he KNOWS there are far too many checks & balances for a "ruler" to ever get through Congress his plan to sequester all funds from Mexico in trade matters, as well as remittances, etc., until THEY pay for the wall. So, by repeating it, he causes fear, anxiety, hurt, puzzlement for millions of Hispanic Americans. He also must know (and perhaps relishes) that not all Hispanics who are here illegally, would go quietly to the buses. Nope. He (and likely), many of his supporters therefore HOPE there will be resistance. And the same for those who claim "Blue Lives Matter" or "All Lives Matter" when it comes to African Americans ("I'm your 'Law and Order' candidate."). The spectacle of thousands of people being rounded up, sequestered, then taken to the Mexican Border, presupposes that a collection process can be done without resistance. The people who did that for the little Austrian corporal, in the 1930s, was, of course, the Schutzstaffell, or SS; Gestapo; Sturmabteilung (SA).

Why is it that so many cop departments have adopted BLACK for their uniforms?

That was the color of the SS in Germany.

Shaved heads?

But Trump is a disaster because, according to one former executive of the CIA, a Mr. Morrell, Trump is likely already an "unwitting agent" under the control of Putin. Putin was a highly successful KGB spy. He puts just enough blandishments on Trump that Trump, long seeking business dealings in Russia,
purrs like a cat. And if the Democratic National Committee (DNC) website and emails have been hacked by Russian cyber specialists, then so, too, musts the RNC. And, all electronic communications that Trump makes ... are likely being collected. As such, he IS A SECURITY RISK, in the world of intelligence gathering. If the Russians (at the behest of Putin), have compromised Trump's electronic signals patterns & outputs, they have also had a door into whomever he talks, texts, emails, communicates with ... all compromised potentially.

Were Trump a government employee, as President, he would pose a very grave threat to national security. Trump would have his hands on the most powerful military and intelligence apparatus in the world. Very dangerous. Including a portal into nuclear war plans.

Putin is also a nasty man. Nasty. And Trump speaks with admiration of him.

I suspect Trump at one level, really doesn't want to be President. He wouldn't be able to have sex in his limo with Melania, as he most likely does now.or have her photographed that way. And he'd have to live in the dumpy White House.

But the GOP has embraced growing racism since Eisenhower showed little interest in promulgating Brown v. Board of Education. Remember: Truman integrated the Armed Services. Not Eisenhower. Eisenhower wasn't a great advocate for improved civil rights. LBJ,much maligned, did plenty to advance the cause of civil rights and voting rights. By now, all pissed away. Ronald Reagan opened I believe his 1980 presidential campaign in Neshoba County, Ms.
Where the three civil rights workers were murdered in 1964. Out of 2500 - 3000 counties in America, why did Reagan start there? Google that and read his remarks. He went there because the Klan was still underground but alive; because Philadelphia, MS, was kind of a land mark for racists who were ready to kill to keep the South segregated.Reagan, smarmy, "aw shucks" kind of jerk, didn't do much to advance equal rights when Governor, or, as President.
He wasn't the "God" many consider him.

So Trump comes to the GOP, but as an autocrat, will NOT abide by even that group if elected.

Why women hate hate hate Hillary Clinton so much, I do not comprehend. Her experiences have made her ... try being under the scrutiny she's been under for 25 years, and see how spontaneous and "relaxed" you'd be. 23 years of Secret Service around her.

Her experience level towers over his. And women who didn't get the right to abortion until the sixties or even seventies, don't know, perhaps, that in 1969, I know for a fact that New York City/State was the only state a woman could go to for an abortion performed by a doctor.

History will be made by defeating this asshole, and by electing our first woman President. If Obama gets a Supreme Court nominee, she may get two.
The tenor of the Supremes will change. Social cases will not come out written by the likes of Scalia (no tears for that jerk), Thomas, Alito (a scary guy if I ever saw one), and Roberts. But we won't be done with Trump. He is now as juiced up as a meth addict smoking the best of the best. Every day, he snorts the equivalent of some pure coke; smokes some crack or meth in terms of what he can say that is designed to shock, keep him always in the news ...
but more and more, I think he also does outlandish things because: he's never had this kind of pressure; he wants to find a way to walk away from all of this; inwardly, he knows he's in waaaay over his head.

Folks, there are something like 16,000 nuclear weapons of some kind in US; USSR; China; North Korea; Pakistan; Indian; Israel; Great Britain; Ukraine;
Beluruse; France. Twenty megatons dropped in a small scale nuclear conflict ... would spread enormous radiation over a planet already wheezing.

Herman Kahn (and many since) have written excellent albeit complex books on the "Mutally Assured Destruction." That was a scenario of secnarios.
Trump had to ask three times ... "why can't we just use our nukes if we want to???"

The sad part is, now American history is stained forever by this creep. He won't go away if he loses. And he still has support of the majority of identified Repugnicans. I.e., people who support getting rid of illegals; muslims registered and sorted out; no abortions; cut taxes for the wealthy; cut more social programs; never see a potential war they don't want to put "boots on the ground;" limit voting rights more; blame others for all the incidents of African Americans being killed by hails of bullets ... etc. Those people by a majority, still want Trump to win.

I hope men and women with a sense of history and a sense of social justice, vote Hillary overwhelmingly. Then the games will begin. But it is time for a woman as our President. All the others ... even Obama ... have been guys. Isn't it about time for a real change?

 Author: leeito
PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:09 pm 
How can you all talk about Trump and others and be so self righteous when you're doing the same thing that Hillary and Donald are doing?
I'm not saying Trump is alright, but Hillary is definitely no better. Have you really fooled yourselves into thinking she is going to take care
of you and your family, when she can't even take care of her own family?
Whats the deal? This is the worst set of presidential candidates we have ever had (aside from obama), but maybe Gary Johnson has something going
for him... But all the voters will decide what's what, when the votes are counted.
All I'm hoping for is anybody but Hillary!

 Author: gila honey
PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:25 pm 
Wow. I have never really heard anything but Fox newscast defamations towards Hillary. Not much of anything concrete or quotable facts but conjured fox news entertainment opinion. I guess if one doesn't care that Trump wants to use nuclear weapons, civilization really doesn't matter. I am under no illusion that Hillary has flaws but I do trust that we could live long enough to elect another president in four years. Peace.


"All you need is LOVE"

 Author: crow
PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:03 am 
leeito: Your first sentence, does it mean we shouldn't be talking about what we see and hear from any given candidate? Your last sentence very well might mean Trump has your vote. Please explain "Hillary ,,, can't even take care of her own family?"

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