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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2017 3:31 pm 
Starting May 30th Interstate Highway Construction (IHC), the builders of the bridge will be back again, this time for a major fix. The "Bearing Plates" were installed 180 degrees the wrong direction. These Bearing Plates are bolted to anchor bolts imbedded in the column caps (the concrete structure that spans the width of the bridge). The end of the girders are then set half way on the plates, the end of the next girder is butted up and shares the Bearing Plate. To unbolt the Bearing Plates, lift the Plate, rotate it 180 degrees and put the nuts back on the ends of 2 girders will have to be lifted at the same time and to avoid breading the concrete road surface sitting on the girders all the girders sitting on the column cap will be lifted at the same time. The bridge is 10 girders wide so the crew will be lifting the ends of 20 girders at the same time at the same rate. This will be repeated for all 4 pillars and presumably the 2 abutments (the plates on the abutments only have 10 girders, one each, sitting on them.

The plan is that only 1 lane of traffic will be closed as the crew works un the girders directly below. As the girders are being lifted all traffic will continue but at a reduced speed. See the Press Release below.

Above each pillar (columns and column cap) and imbedded in the concrete road is an Expansion Joint stretching across the full width. The expansion joints divide the length on the bridge roadway into 5 slabs (unless there are linear joints I don't know about) so that each slab can expand and contract from wet/dry and hot/cold conditions, independently without causing cracks in the road. So, according to Brian Torres, NM DOT, as the girders are lifted a few inches the expansion joints will open up and go back together as they are set back down.

A girder being set half way onto its Bearing Plate.

Some Questions, the space between each girder, shown above, from the top of the column cap to the bottom of the road surface, the shiny steel plate, is another chunk of concrete with 2 anchor bolts embedded into the column cap and running to the top, see top 2 photos. Also the concrete is sitting on the girder foot. As I recall these anchor bolds are all-thread. I'm assuming that these chunks will also be lifted and slide, not easily, along the all-thread.

Also how much damage will be done to the barrier walls that run the length of the bridge between the roadway and the sidewalks and that sit on a girder; not to mention damage to the sidewalks.

It should be noted that this problem leaked out back in January or February 2017 when IHC was here fixing cracks but the DOT was denying any problems. As you might recall the Bridge was opened on January 29, 2016 but this current problem was built-in. One might ask, didn't the builders know what they were doing? To be sure, some did but in the end it was the inspectors who should have seen the problem; there were DOT inspectors and 3rd party inspectors who were retired from DOT careers with bridge building experience, or so they claimed.

Begin NM DOT Press Release
"Traffic Alert

NM 90/ Hudson Street Bridge
Silver City, NM

Silver City: The New Mexico Department of Transportation District One office (NMDOT) has posted an alert for Tuesday May 30, 2017:

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) along with Interstate Highway Construction (IHC) (Contractor) will be performing bridge jacking operations on May 30th in order to repair bearing assemblies. The contractor will utilize single lane closures with reduced speed during jacking operations. Traffic will be allowed across the bridge in each direction. Please call the Project Office (575)544-6561 with any questions or to confirm any wide loads during the time frame of May 30th through June 16th.

For updated information go to: New Mexico Department of Transportation at http://www.nmroads.com.

Ami Evans, Public Information Officer for the New Mexico Department of Transportation District One at (575) 544-6598 (office) or ami.evans@state.nm.us."

 Author: GCResident
PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2017 9:50 am 
"Perform bridge jacking".............

That is a pretty descriptive statement in that this whole process has seem "jacked up" from day one. The guy had one job.......put the plate on the right way. He must have been absent on plate installation day at bridge building school.

 Author: frances
PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2017 2:12 pm 
John..posting from the GCF main page, not via reception of GCF via email.

This was the scuttlebutt for some time. How absurd. Major work on a brand new bridge. Where was oversight? Upside down /wrong direction...Alice thru The Looking Glass...

 Author: bdlb
PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 5:41 am 
Wouldn't it be swell if they also relocated that awful enormous drain pipe that flows right into the San Vicente Creek at high monsoon? A terrible design, an eyesore (just like the now non-existent trailhead), and a source of pollution (run off from bridge surface) -- and a disgrace to our community. Just because the drain pipe is under the bridge doesn't mean that we don't see it.

 Author: crow
PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 9:23 am 
Indeed bdld, bad planning of lack of planning as the pipe discharges right on the path they promised to rebuild. There has always been a surface water diversion, previously into an unusable wash southeast of the bridge. A fix for this issue doesn't seem to be even talked about but then the DOT doesn't really communicate very well.

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