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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 5:02 pm 
Through snow, sleet, sun and a persistent freezing wind way over 100 protesters arrived at Gough Park from a walk begun on top of Chihuahua Hill called the Peoples Precession.

It was shoulder to shoulder under the roof of Gough Park after the People's Procession arrived about 1 pm with many leaving and as many arriving. The Peoples Procession declared solidarity with the 100's of thousands strong Women's March in DC and in nearly every major city and town across the country and around the world.

Many groups as well as unaffiliated individuals attended and displayed signs.

In Trumps first day he cancelled a homeowner insurance reduction, ordered by Obama, for the poor who had an FHA mortgage thus declaring a war on the poor many of which are Veterans. Many of the poor/low income could pay as much as $900 per year setting the conditions for lots of foreclosures. Trumps elite friends will love him for that.



Photo from National Mall during both the Inoguration and the next days's Women's March. http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/21/politics/ ... index.html

 Author: Azima Lila Forest
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:40 am 
Mike Sauber counted about 400 as we arrived at Gough Park!

Azima Lila Forest

 Author: elektron
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 1:23 pm 
Here are some thoughts on the FHA mortgage insurance issue, from my experience as a banker and investment rep. I'm not trying to cause a ruckus here, just trying to offset some poor press coverage on this topic. This was not a cancellation of a rate reduction. Rather, it was a suspension of a rate reduction until further study can be accomplished by the next HUD Secretary. Much of this reduction was to be applied to risky mortgages backed by taxpayers. In fact, the FHA has guaranteed more and more mortgages of late, placing taxpayers at greater and growing risk. Former HUD Secretary Castro made this reduction announcement after aggressive lobbying for it by mortgage lenders and bankers, realtor lobbying groups, builders, etc. Why? Lower mortgage costs mean more mortgages can be written, and more fees and commissions can be won. I would add that if it's true, as Mr. Crow said, that large numbers of foreclosures will happen without a taxpayer subsidy via this FHA fee reduction, then perhaps those mortgages should never have been issued. Let's not forget the root cause of the Great Recession: Sub-prime mortgages were failing. There were foreclosures. Tranche after tranche of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations went down. Banks held worthless paper because homeowners were issued mortgages they could not afford. Etc. So, back to the issue of Trump's recent executive order to suspend the rate reduction. The irony of all this, really, is it's the bankers, lenders, lobbyists and other "elites" that are now angry, really angry, at Mr. Trump. They had their well-lobbied subsidy all wrapped up, and he suspended it.

 Author: msauber
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:36 pm 
The Downtown part of the procession is where I counted...and counted...and counted. I got to 100, glanced back and guessed another 50 maybe, but I kept counting and it grew and grew. In total, I counted 486 people (and a good handful of dogs). Since people were entering the procession and leaving at different points, one could conservatively say well over 500 people participated. Great happening.

 Author: crow
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:42 pm 
Thanks for counting Mike, many more skipped the walk and went to the park, I'm impressed with the turnout. Imagine if it had been a nice day.

 Author: Khart
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:47 pm 
I was there with my camera in front of the Little Toad Pub and have uploaded some 27 photos of the procession to my Flickr account and you can see these as a group at https://www.flickr.com/photos/kellyhart ... 9377588426

 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:05 am 
I wasn't there. Was sick. But, I hope to attend other rallies. The fact is, we are 70 miles or so from the Mexican Border. Whether there are any sections of the border "wall" or "fence" that rise to the 20' above ground, 10' below ground at that point, I do not know. It is inevitable that with the hysteria underway among Trumpistas, that Mexicans who are illegal must be deported, and Trump voters here in the city and county who will expect that promise to be kept, the Delusional One will sign an executive order soon to begin that process. If as he claims (the Delusional One), that there may be as many as 11 million illegals in the country, the question arises for us: just what might that mean locally. Does SCPD fit into the mold of arresting anyone caught doing anything (taillight infraction) that could provide an opportunity to check immigration status? If so, then will those persons be arrested and turned over to ICE or BP? If so, where will they be detained Center at Lordsburg?

From there, how, exactly, will they be transferred to the Mexican Border. If arrested, what bail rights might they have? Some, true enough, illegally here, may nonetheless have family members and housing. What happens to the family members? What happens to the housing? In the case of Jews captured during Nazi roundups in Germany,etc., they were given x number of hours to pack and leave their homes. That meant that vultures of some kind were able to enter the home & take what they liked. Later it became an opportunity to sift through the home material, and sell it or transfer to Party members who needed housing. At any rate, if deportations proceed, eventually, for this area, Palomas could become the scene of the migratiion of "illegal mexicans" or "central Americans" back to Mexico. There is no guarantee that Central American illegals will be allowed to enter Mexico. Why would they? Then what.

The abject cruelty of Donald Trump with his most often ill conceived Executive Orders are red meat to those who voted for him. The county & city mayhave voted for Clinton. 63,000,000 of us voted for Clinton. Another 4.5 million voted for Johnson and 1.5 million for Stein. With those numbers mind, that represents a force that hopefully will make it's sense of propriety known to the City Council. Mainly: will Silver City become a "sanctuary citiy" Same for the University, which has trolled for yeaers from students from Mexico. The students may be here legitimately on student visas. However, the atmospherics of seeing other possibly illegal Mexicans deported could be emotional.

Amid all of the Trump Cluster Twits, I know that there are several stores here in town run by Mexican men or women. I don[t ask their status. One is Pink Store North. As an act of resistance,I'd ask locals to visit the store on Bullard, and think hard about birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays to take time to purchase the constant turnover of mexican made products that are arranged there. Scurilous rumors, whispered to me in a catty voice, suggested that the store was a front for the cartelistas to "launder" money derived from illegall drug sales. While implies that the Pink Store Management in an active participant in that strong armed effort by one of the cartels.

That thought never occurred to me. Mainly, because the people who work there have become known to me as PEOPLE. HUMAN BEINGS. And so, all I ask is: if you are interested in having any kinds of Mexican products in your home or office,to purchase soemthing may stay ahead of any tax Trump proposes (20%) which would be a "tarrif." As such, buying at the local store turns money over in our local economy that may help the owners of the store survive. I have posted numerous photos of the current product line on my facebook. When Dorothy's kids cleaened the house out of most of her furniture, I went there, and bought some items for the house and garden. Over these three years, I've come to know the manager and her family. Remember: the cruelty of Trump is he pronounces these statements, and injects fear and anxiety into the lives of Mexican people who may be here on green cards; illegallly; under the Dream Act, or legally.

This is a form of resistance now. There is a much greater form of resistance underway at many airports right now as the fall out of Trump's ban on Muslims entering the country, or reentering, has large crowds of protestors at LAX, DFW,, Atlanta, New York, perhaps many others. All of this makes me proud to have gone to South Korea to serve in the front line force that was there in case North Korea attacked the south again ... circa 1965-66.

And volunteer for S Vietnam combat duty. Got severely wounded in Vietnam. 1 year in hospitals. Came out against the war. Was in major demonstrations during the Vietnam War. Felt sick when Saigon fell, nonetheless. People were there who were persecuted by the communists, many of whom managed, at great risk, to leave on rickety boats, attacked by pirates, arrive here to more discrimination, but were absorbed.

Now, it's Miuslims and Mexicans.

A simple act ... buy products at stores owned and operated by Mexicans here in town ... is a way to show Trumpistas that we stand in resistance to these Orwellian measures their Delusional One is instituting almost every day. Why not?

 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:41 am 
I just viewed the photos that Kelly took of the People's Procession the day the "Women's March" was held in DC, et.
I was heart warming to see faces I've come to know and associate with Peace and Anti-War since coming here in 2002.
So much has gone down since then.
That early resistance to the Iraq War; Grant County Peace Coalition; Kerry & Bush; bush; Obama and Obama; and now, amazingly enough,
a turn to the alt right lead by a man who is I think, certifiably delusional.

Western & Eastern, Middle Eastern and Asian empires have had their share of madmen, madwomen, despots, personifications of evil in the role of leaders. We've been lucky. Now, unfortunately, we have a humdinger delusion malignant narcissistic sociopathic serial sexual predator as the leader. He has assembled a cabinet of complete losers, exploiters, haters of the agencies they've been chosen to lead.

Purges (real purges) have already happened. Ten, eleven days?

The shoes that will drop I think are: more gutting of ACA and the ruthless, uncaring slash and burn of affordable health care for however many have gotten it ... to hell with that ... trash them as they ARE trash. The GOP is really not a Party interested in "the least among you," and yet they claim to have "God on their side," by virtue of: we value all life; fetuses are life but who gives a damn about the lives of people who get blown up in wars -- "endless war" as Cheney once said as if he thrived with the possibility.

But the gutting of American values is absolutely sad, disappointing, painful, causes me tears .. I'm nearing 70. From late 2011 until even now, I went through an absolute HELLSTORM of physical troubles. What seemed like incredible pain with diverticulitis or kidney stones; trips to ER; hospitalization; then shipped off to Las Cruces and kidney dialysis and more intensive treatment. I realized somewhere around end of January 2012, that I was going to die. I got the Last Rites as I wanted to die a Catholic. I went on life support within hours. Three weeks, and then dry gangrene on 11 of 12 toes. Could not swallow water. Water was something I choked on. Had to learn to eat ice chips until I could swallow water.Throat damaged by the tubes down it. Couldn't remember anything except that I'd had such hoffic stream of seemingly endless horror nightmares I dare not speaek of them. Learned to walk again. Gangrene ... we should just amputate all ten of them. Shocking. I nearly passesd out.

Rehah, then, within two months, Dorothy diagnosed with OvarianCancer. Round one went well, but, within a few months it was back. She had asceites, and in round two, she had 23 perisenteses with 22 lbs the biggest drain. Suffering. Watching such a gentle woman suffer and then die, 36 months on 24 February. Grief beyond description. More toes amputated after her death. All the while, Obama was trying to bring some decency to America.

But then, now, look. Look into the slide clicker from old and see ... a man, supported by 60,000,000 who are, at least as of today, all for what he's doing, including two Hoosier sisters. Holy Shit! And many relatives back in Indiana.

The attempt to ban Muslims from certain countries I believe,is likely to bring about an ISIL attack on a Trump property in a muslim land not yet listed. He will have to respond. Is this where he gets to carpet bomb? With Putin? Aleppo was and is a modern Guernica. And Trump hopes to join Putin in that? ISIL wants so much to bait this Twitter midget mind. But if Muslim extremists hit an American target,there will be provocation and justification for "more" draconian home rules.

A nightmare scenario. As a combat solider, one who fought in Vietnam & was badly wounded; one who has had PTSD; who supportd Kerry and Obama and Clinton, I look at see: well, we now have our madman.Delusional is a mild term. I can only hope that his delusions are being documented, as there is a provision in the Constitution to remove him if he is deemed unfit. I doubt very much he would go quietly. I do not see a literal "coup d'etat," but it will be freaky.

I hope that i can join groups that may protest. I was gung ho for Vietnam until I saw what was happening. In 1967, I wrote an anti war letter while still in uniform, which got me thrown out of the Army hospital "If I could" the head doctor told me, "I'd sent you back to an infantry unit. Maybe one about to return to 'Nam. You shouldn't bit the hand that feeds you." But, he couldn't. Then MLK and Bobby went down.

So, here we are. I ask people to support the fine people at The Pink Store North. True, authentic Mexican art and crafts down there. Buy here ... maybe if Trump assesses a 20% tax/tariff it won't apply. Other businesses owned by our Mexican neighbors. Because, if he drops the next shoe, and begins deportations, it will be the biggest, most sensational deportation of human beings since Hitler assembled Jews throughout Europe, and began deporting to the death camps. World TV will monitor it, and the world will see Mexicans (he really seems to hate Mexicans) in buses or driving themselves back to Palomas or Antelope Wells, as they leave Amerika.

If this happens, there must be resistance of some kind. The French TV series, "A French Village" has a new season coming up. We see there the actual pattern of collaboration by French fascists. They collaboration ... collabos ... a name that can be assigned to those within the GOP who support Trump's egregious affronts to what America IS. But, it could get very sad, very ugly, very soon, very quickly. This is a shoe box full of shoes he has not acted upon ... yet.

I wouldn't leave Amerika now. I have retirement and benefits & frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if people leave, he shuts off payments of their retirements or benefits. Stuck, somewhere, without ever a basic income.

But, this, too, is my Titanic. The ship has sailed at dawn. We who are on board can jump as it goes down. I don't see with Trump or his mate, anything but many of the values I hold dear, going down into icy waters. But, it is my country. How ashamed I am. What can I do. I can write.
I can take photos. I can witness. Speak up and out. This is as serious as a heart attack.

God has been so good to me all these years. So many close calls with death in Vietnam. 70 in 90 days.Then, my arm nearly shot off, the first round just barely missing my head at the neck. And then everything else. For me, I see the hand of God in my life backwards, and now, present. I was so sick during Christmas and New Years up to the Inauguration. But, somehow, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, I am here. I wouldn't want to do this without God. That's me. Dissed because I had "returned to Catholicism. I can't believe you returned to Catholicism." Well, I did. Fxxk you.

We are on the surface, here, in a stream that is picking up speed, and can hear the roar of massive falls ahead. Will the boat that has been my America go over the falls?

I hope not. I pray not. What can I do. Watch "A French Village," on MhZ, and see what the French did to each other.Hopefully,we can not do that.
But, I suspect,some will.

On one of our Grant County Peace Coalition marches on the 4th of July,a guy called me ... from California."What's wrong with you people? How dare you march in that parade. What kind of fxcking piece of shxt are you, you coward?" "I fought in Vietnam, sir. Nearly killed. Purple Heart." "Oh, you fxcking liar. You liar." "How about we talk about it. What's your number thee in California? "OH, no,. Oh, no, I don't want you calling ME."

It may take courage to deal with what is coming. I'm on the Titanic. It has already "sailed at dawn." It's my ship. I can't stomach what I see, almost makes me want to vomit.But, I'm on board. God will reveal something I can do.

Minus 4 toes, I can still walk and hike and write. I appreciate all of you who were at the march on the day of the Women's March.That's the spirit of Silver City. That's the thing!! Glad I could view the photos. 24 February will be 36 months since my Dearable wife died. I'm still grieving. I may never been the same. What happened to me ... open heart surgery ... amputations .... watching my Dearable die ... feels like a couple traumas too many.
But, I can write and witness. Others can do their own things. That's the spirit of Silver City. 500 marched maybe? Wow? Let's support our Mexican friends here in town. God I hope none are deported. Imagine that! Here, in America? Can you grasp that?????

God bless.

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