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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:03 pm 
At 5:10 pm all lanes of the 90 Bridge opened for traffic. I followed the first car south and turned around, jumped out, ran to the middle of the road and shot this photo looking north. An inspector told me that some work is still to be done like streetlights and things I didn't understand and they would just close off an outside lane as needed. What a totally smooth ride.

Yesterday I erroneously reported that the south approach still needed pavement but they, at the last minute brought equipment in and did that end in a much shorter time.

 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:01 am 
I was down there at 2:00 PM looking down from above. It is a good thing, and the people who worked on it, did a good job. No accidents that I know of and we can thank whatever forces of immigration that exist. The majority of the workers I spoke with were not very conversant in English ... many spoke Spanish ... I told them thank you for doing such a good job and good work. The bridge is very nice and as I looked down on San Vincente Creek, knowing Stream Dynamics and the State will both work on restoration, I remembered the days when there were all kinds of cool old junk cars along San Vincente Creek ... still searching for the photos ... they were very cool and had been used as rip rap many years ago.

It might be nice if some of us wandered along the edges of the road, and picked up trash. Maybe the city could trim the weeds down so that the entire approach within the city limits looks "renewed."

Thanks to our public representatives who managed to get this project swung our way.

The owner of Mexico el Viejo told me that she will lose a sizeable lunch and dinner traffic when all the smoke clears. Very good Mexican food. I want to try the items that contain "nopales" == cactus as the Apaches surely ate such items.

 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:07 pm 
The bridge is finished. It looks great.

I can hardly wait to see Stream Dynamics and the State effort to restore San Vincente Creek. I've been searching for photos I took years ago of the old, very cool cars that lined the east bank of the creek as some kind of old style rip rap. Maybe others have such photos, as well. They were very cool.

There is another piece of history I thought went with San Vincente Creek, and that was that a group of Mexican herders were killed along it by Apaches before Silver City was even in existence.

According to the American Association of Civil Engineers,as many as 66,000 bridges in the lower 48 are in such a state of disrepair they fall into the same criteria used to get us "our new bridge." So, yes,thanks for whatever political forces got the money swung our way. The effects of the $7-$8 million for the job rippled through the community.

The majority of the workers on the project (to me), were Spanish speaking. The trends today in areas where immigrants find work show that construction is one of the largest nationally. I saw no one standing around (well,a few times) doing the "five guys watching, one guy shoveling" that could be part of a "fixed" construction project. Invariably,in some of the operations, there was some of that (I will try & get some photos sent) where mechanization has or is in transition performing tasks that still require some of that ... laying the concrete is a nifty operation and is far more automated now than 30 years ago. But, the crews, to me, seem diligent; hard working; goal oriented; proficient; and knew what they were doing. My experience is primarily watching construction in the Midwest. We are blessed with wonderful fall and winter weather. I don't mind the snow at all for our moisture, but were this the Midwest,this job never would've gotten done by 30 January.Never.

The crew was off some, but now, the construction has passed.It's history. We have a brand new bridge.

As I walked the sides of the street, I found debris that could be picked up. Maybe the city can come in and whack all the weeds down along Hudson as it leads to the bridge. Maybe there would be an opening for some water harvesting projects, catching run off in places that would showcase that effort for folks coming into town from the South and West, or leaving. But, I'll throw some trash bags in my car, and pick up some cans and bottles as time goes by. It's always cool to me to watch construction. Now what the heck do I do? The Bridge looks great. Just great. I hope some of this gets fed back to the companies, but my guess is, the workers are already headed out to yet another job. I never questioned the status of the workers. I think: when I hear thundering calls to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, I wonder if those people have ever come down to a project such as this, and seen, much less talked, with the workers. What their motivation is? What they do with the money. I know that in my family, heavily populated with Irish and Germans, there weren't many slackers as the worked towards naturalization.

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