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 Author: crow
PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:18 pm 
Another delay today as the concrete placement for the south end of the northbound lanes abruptly came to a halt after both concrete pumps quit working with no quick fix. The El Paso based company that supplies the pumpers agreed to return Saturday and SW Transit agreed to supply concrete and they will try again to finish the north bound lanes and sidewalk.

Though work goes on with the electricians installing conduit for streetlights and the 300 feet of the north end removal of asphalt (200 feet has already been removed at the south end a couple of weeks ago) this is another in a series of problems with mostly out of town subcontractors and venders, only a few of which I've written about in these pages.

I can see and feel the pressure cooker atmosphere as a possible missed deadline looms closer, but I must remind both the NMDOT and IHC Corporate that as they apply more pressure down the food chain, each for their own reason, the possibility of deadly mishaps and other sundry things goes up proportionately as has previously happened during this project.

 Author: eric casler
PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:37 am 
I was curious how the finish date came to be Dec?
The signs that went up this spring said "Completion Summer 2016" so we were suprised to hear about a Dec date. Does anyone know the story there?

 Author: crow
PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:12 am 
Never was there an announced 2016 bridge opening date, but there was a number of problems with signage. The end date was somewhat flexible as it had to do with how long the bridge would actually be closed, closure was delayed a couple of days due to a lack of a permit for removal of an asbestos covered pipe; the day of the closure began the 210 day closure time. Even if all 4 lanes were to open on the 18th the job would be far from finished; think creek restoration, trailhead reestablished, bridge painted (tan), Truck Bypass repaved, just to name a few things.

 Author: factoted
PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:52 am 
Does anyone know if the plans for finishing the bridge project includes paving the rest of 90 from the bridge to the beginning of the new asphalt below Little Burro Pass ? And if so, will it be the same (sweet) surface as the new stretch from LBP to the CD ?

 Author: JE1947
PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:47 pm 
I've been to the bridge twice this week ... once, I think, Wednesday or Thursday, anticipating watching the laying of concrete on the west or north side ... the action did not happen. I was there again Saturday. I did not see anyone working frenetically, or endangering themselves needlessly. Any pressure applied by ISHC or the name of the prime contractor wouldn't be misplaced. Hopefully, delays are going to cost those sub contractors some money. With crappy equipment; equipment that's not maintained; not staged or inspected before a project like this ... this is fairly standard stuff for second tier contractors. This hasn't been a surprise ... the dates for the concrete work on the surface have likely been laid out long in advance. From what I have seen, the prime contractor knows it's business. There were roughly 10-15 workers Saturday who knocked off around 1:00 or 1:30. Time and a half for those guys. New stones have been hauled in I think for the north end approach ... it will be tightly compacted and then some form work, I suppose, laid over to make a stable approach. The guy I talked with said they will likely get another 8-10 hours Sunday as they do try to do work around the lame asses who have hopefully a penalty tacked into their part of the contract. There are nearly 67,000 bridges in the country, with 42 years of age on them. Thanks to our equally lame ass Congress, dominated by a GOP which insists (among the latest crop of candidates) to get us into a new war in Syria ... and takes food stamps from welfare recipient if they buy shrimp, or lobster, or probably cigarettes, birth control pills, any # of things ... that continues to want a Navy with 12 carrier groups ... dud aircraft ... one delay and cost add on for the F-35 Advanced Fighter; and supports NO reimposition of an assault weapons ban in the face of one slaughter after another ... laying out a ten or fifteen year plan for reducing just the bridges ...say, 8,000 a year ... think of the jobs. Our infrastructure according to a report by the American Association of Civil Engineers says our entire infrastructure is about 3-4 Trillion in need of upgrade, rebuild, modernization.

So, yes, we are very fortunate to get this bridge built. While there are only so many locals working on the bridge, I saw some of the Saturday crew in action ... mostly Mexican workers ... laying out cash at the restaurant on the corner of Hudson and Broadway ...I got the impression they go there and eat authentic Mexican food ... pay cash ... probably pay cash for any number of items bought here ... an infusion for our community. I can only wonder: if Congress increased taxes on the wealthiest and corporations, and I mean made their noses bleed some ... we might have a chance to see thousands of communities like ours ... getting bridges, viaducts, conduits, canals, reservoirs, dams, levees, railroad, urban transit,electric grid ... all in dire need of work.

Most Empires fall because of internal rot; in Rome's case, perhaps, too much lead ... but almost all Empires fall sooner or later as they cannot restrain themselves from fighting "just one more war ..." depleting the capital and treasure of the Empire .... on wars. It is a common denominator in empire failure world wide. We will have thousand of nuclear warheads (as the Russians do), as our finances deteriorate. And, with so many in Congress in denial of "climate change," when it hits ... (already) ... big ... where will the money come from?

It's a shame. But, the bridge is a bright spot. A blip on the screen. But, for our community, it means something ... whoever managed to get this work in the pipeline, good for them.

I hope that the December deadline (end of) is met. This is pretty good time for initiation to completion. I have photos of these two days if interested.

Landscape ... not sure about pixels.

 Author: crow
PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:46 pm 
First Ted, in the 3 years I've followed this story I never heard discussion on repaving Highway 90 other than the 200 and 300 feet at each end of the bridge. It wasn't all that many years ago the 90 was repaved.

Today about 1:30 pm the north bound lanes and sidewalk (this does not include the barrier wall between the roadway and sidewalk). The latest plan is to have 3 pumpers on Wednesday Dec. 9th and do the (South bound lanes and sidewalk) whole length of the bridge in 1 day. That is about 800 cubic yards of concrete.

JE, I agree, the bridge crew directly under IHC (Interstate Highway Construction), the main contractor is very good and just love their boss, Johnny who watches them like a hawk and pretty much keeps his cool, in addition he also always watches and knows everything the sub-contractors are doing. JE, you most likely talked to an electrician as they are also now about a day and a half behind in installing conduit for the street lights as it goes on the roadway concrete at the base of and to be covered by the yet to-be placed barrier wall.

I wonder what SW Transit did with the 3 or 4 cement trucks full of fresh cement Wednesday when the pumpers broke down; I hope they had other orders to fill and sent those trucks.

 Author: GCResident
PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:11 pm 
I believe that there is 2 "completion" dates floating around out there that is confusing to come people.

First, there is the amount of time that Highway 90 can be closed due to the construction. That time clock started the day they closed the bridge. That date is the December date that has been given that the contractor has to get the bridge opened back up to traffic before fines start being enforced.

The second "completion" date that we see, on the signage, is when the DOT and the Contractor will consider the entire project is done. That will include some new signs, fencing, etc. I believe the project also calls for the re-surfacing of the 90 Truck By-Pass road as it has taken a beating during this time. So, we will still see work being done on into the spring, but atleast traffic will be flowing, hopefully, well.

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