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View Photos of Odetta performing at the
Silver City Blues Festival 28 May 06

Giving our Local Creativity a voice to the world,
SilverWeb Radio showcases the musical and literary
artists of residents of SW New Mexico.
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Richard Earnheart

Larry Sullivan

Sterling Bothroyd

Jane D. Waller


Richard Earnheart

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Last Call*
Written by Richard Earnheart
Read by Gary ShepArd and Frances Trotta
*Contains Adult Material

Lena Buys Bread
Written by Richard Earnheart
Read by Frances Trotta

I Killed Cantinflas
Written by Richard Earnheart
Read by Gary ShepArd

Written & Read by
Richard Earnheart


Larry Sullivan

"Raising Mama"
Written and
Read by Larry Sullivan


Sterling Bothroyd

by Sterling Bothroyd
Read by Gary Shephard


Jane D. Waller

"The Snow Queen" Story 1 & 2
By Hans Christian Andersen
Adapted for Radio by
Jane D. Waller



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Bayou Seco

Brandon Perrault

Bruce McKinney

Captain Cactus

Chicken Lunch

Ed Teja

Eric Greene

George Page
Gretchen Van Auken

John Tank

Kim Young

Melanie Zipin

Michael Kunz

Root Skankadelic

Scott Van Linge

Wally Lawder


Eric Greene - Singer/SongWriter Social Conscience

Listen to All Eric Greene Songs Here.

Business As Usual Square Root of the Moon
Fire in the Eyes Of Horses and Dreams
It's the Tao Oil

Bayou Seco - Cajon

Listen to All Bayou Seco Song Here

Silver City Two Step Chile Verde


Gretchen Van Auken - Solo Piano

Listen to All Gretchen Van Auken Songs Here

Inner Calm Meadow Dance
Hands of the Healer Reaching Clarity

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Scott van Linge - Blues

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Don't Do It No More
Baby, What You Want Me To Do
Handyman Papa  


Wally Lawder - Jazz/Folk

Listen to All Wally Lawder Songs Here

The Ground Hog's Dream Perfume
Revelation Sundress
They Both Know Vulnerable Girl


Root Skankadelic - Reggae

Listen to All Root Skankadelic Songs Here

Steppin' Don't Follow


Michael Kunz - Native Flute

Listen to All Michael Kunz Songs Here

Coyote Song ForestDance
Mornings First Light  

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Ed Teja - Blues

Listen to All Ed Teja Songs Here

Union City Blues Sand The Rough Times

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John Tank - Jazz

Listen to All John Tank Songs Here

Peace Action Nows Another Time
Address This Issue Snow Place Suite Peace
Tank Toon Have You Heard
This Song Before?
Steppin Up
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Brandon Perrault - Bilingual

Listen to All Brandon Perrault Songs Here

Amor Sin Ti Juana La Cubana
Vietnam Man It Gets Better
Querido Amigo  


Melanie Zipin - Singer/SongWriter

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Dusk Shades Of Blue
Tiny Reflections  

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Captain Cactus - Rock

Listen to All Captain Cactus Songs Here

One Way Train Queen Of Road - Acoustic Version
Queen Of Road 2 - Electric Version Trouble


Chicken Lunch - Rock

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Goin To Silver City Hantavirus
Roast Chicken  


Bruce McKinney - Singer/SongWriter

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Older Women Smitten (Crushed)
Worth the Trouble  

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George Page - Singer/SongWriter

Listen to All George Page Songs Here

Rolling Down The Hyway Off Broadway Play


Kim Young - Singer/SongWriter

Listen to All Kim Young Songs Here

On The Way To Somewhere Else Oxygen
Somethings Gonna Change Amen Corner
Every Last Drop Havent Fallen Yet
Tucson Who Do You Think You Are
Just Like Water  

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Scott van Linge on Guitar Re-voicing


4 Poems
Written and
Read by Raven Drake

Written, Read, Music by George Page

"The Mysterious Hat" Childrens Poem
Written by Abbey Sievers
Read by Frances Trotta

Summer Breeze (Benjamin)

Listen to all Summer Breeze Poems
Read by Summer Breeze

Hesse's Dog Midnight In The Summer Sky Sing Song Kitty Cant'cha Ki Me Oh


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¿What's Local Creativity? SilverWeb Radio presents literature, poetry and music only from residents of SW New Mexico. Contributors must live in the area roughly from Silver City north to Magdalena, east to Mimbres and Hillsboro, south to the Mexican border and west to the Arizona state line. All submissions must be original work or in the public domain. How to Submit to SilverWeb Radio.

For more on the Silver City music scene check out: The Silver Ring

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