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Higher Education
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Health and Medical
Sustainable Community


United States
Government Offices & Agencies


News, Sports & Weather


Phone, Zip, US Cities Directories

Info and Deliveries



Camping in British Columbia
Direct contacts, descriptions, photos and maps for campisites, RV parks and camping in British Columbia, Canada.


Cities, Counties, States World Wide

Portal, Arizona

Long Island Vision
All about Long Island, New York!

Welcome To Montalcino Italy

Gulf Island Vacation Rentals Inc.
Specializing in renting quality Gulf Island homes

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages


Sustainable Communities

Circle Of Life
Julia Butterfly Hill, Vegie Powered Bus, etc

Harvesting Rain Water


El Paso (Texas) Solar Energy Association

Ecovillage development in the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada

O.U.R. Ecovillage

Greenbuilder Sourcebook

Neoteric Biofuils Canada

International Wolf Center

REP America
The National Grassroots Organization of Republicans for Enviormental Protection


Community Organizing

Community Organizing

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News, Sports, & Weather

The Albuquerque Journal online


Weather Channel

USA Today


Electronic Newsstand

USA Today


Search of AP Wire

ESPNET SportsZone

FOX Sports



USA Weather Map

U.S. Weather by State

Current Weather Maps/Movies

The Basketball Server ---Do ya love the game? Then you'll love the site. Game summaries, box scores, divisional races, and more will have any basketball fan spending more than three seconds here.

The NHL OPEN NET ---The National Hockey League's site has everything you need to know about the coolest game in town: news, game schedules, rules, rosters, statistics, and lots more.

NFL Game Day ---It may be a predictable pick, but NFL Game Day, the official Web page of the (insert echo effects) National . . . Football . . . League, really is the best all-around information center for football.

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Ultimate Architecture and Design Library

MotherJones Magazine

The Old Farmer's Almanac

The Library of Congress ---Search the nation's library without leaving your desk or dealing with any ill-tempered librarians. Perfect for building book lists, but you'll have to take a D.C. detour if you want to really browse.



Webster's English Dictionary ---If you enter a word, Webster's will define it. If you don't know the spelling, give it your best shot and the program will offer alternatives.

Lonely Planet ---Lonely Planet publishes some of the finest printed travel guides on earth, and its invaluable insights are available online as well. You get the lowdown on the customs, culture, currency, climate, and cuisine of just about any destination that comes to mind.


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United States

Project Vote Smart---Learn about political candidates before you vote. Project Vote Smart sends out questionnaires to federal and state office seekers, to get their opinions on key campaign issues. What it gets back is what you see.

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet---Check up on Congress - search the Congressional Record, find out the status of a bill, or share a piece of your mind with that special someone on Capitol Hill.

The Jefferson Project ---Plow through the dark recesses of American politics, using this fascinating array of political links that deal with controversial issues, political parties, and even humor.

The Outpost Network ---Who needs stamps anymore? Using Outpost's forms, you can vent via e-mail to politicians, corporations, activist organizations, and the media at large.

White House

U.S. General Services Admin

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Postal Service

U.S. Geological Survey

Central Intelligence Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

Social Security Administration


Cool NASA Site of the Week

NASA Public Affairs

NASA Astrophysics Data System

NASA Home Pages

NASA Ames Research Center

Declassified Satellite Photographs

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Spoonfed Tribe Arlington, Texas

Music Resources on the Internet

National Public Radio


The Grateful Dead

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Nature Postcards
Free nature postcards and screensavers

The Art Link©

WebLouvre Network

Franklin Institute Science Museum

KODAK: Sample Digital Images

ANU Art History

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Flower Delivery Flowers
We Deliver Flower Information!

Phillip's 1-800 Florals
Flower delivery, free virtual flowers, flower-care articles, and a pictorial glossary of flowers.

Fresh Flowers, Flower Delivery
Flower delivery, gift baskets & bouquets. Same day delivery available.

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Discovery Channel


History Channel







Weather Channel

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Phone Directories

Area Code Index

International Country Codes


Postal Information

USPS ZIP Code Lookup

USPS City State / ZIP Code Associations

USA CityLink

USA CityLink

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PCL Map Collection

Interactive World Map Interface

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Higher Education

University of Oregon

University of Michigan

Auburn University

Clackamas Community College

Brigham Young University

Carnegie Mellon

Butler University

Chinese University of Hong Kong

University of Colorado

Reed University

Central Oregon Community College

Peterson's Education Center

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Web 66

Patch High Movie Theater


Putnam Valley Schools

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Smithsonian Institution

Franklin Institute of Science

Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impact

Views Of The Solar System

World-Wide Earthquake Locator

Volcano World

Cascades Volcano Observatory

Interactive On-Line Geometry

The Nine Planets ---Cuddle up to your computer and get intimate with our own little corner of the galaxy by surfing out to The Nine Planets, where text, pictures, sounds, and movies transport you all the way to the moon and beyond.

The U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology ---Paleontology is the study of dinosaurs, right? Not quite! Paleontology is the study of all fossilized remains, of which dinosaurs are only a small part. This virtual museum has exhibits on geological time, evolutionary topics, and fossil records as well as (of course) the famous hall of dinosaurs.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World ---Everyone's heard of the Seven Wonders, but how much do you know about them? This detailed guide has images, information, speculation, and extensive historical data on the Seven Wonders, plus links to other archaeological resources.

The San Francisco Exploratorium---the Exploratorium's Web-based Learning Studio brings scientific experimentation to your Mac.

Ocean Planet--- A traveling exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution, featuring information on biodiversity and the environment. This elaborate online science project also confronts ocean issues, undersea vents, and recent watery discoveries.

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Health and Medical

Medical Quick Reference Guide

MedWeb---This long list from Emory University includes Web sites, newsgroups, and mailing lists covering a wide range of medical areas -- from AIDS to virtual reality in medicine.

Health and Human Services---The HHS site has links to other health-related government sites, in addition to much consumer and policy information. Technical terms are linked to definitions in the National Library of Medicine's Entrez glossary.

Centers for Disease Control ---This government site offers a heap of consumer and policy information on health matters plus links to a slew of health statistics.

University of Pittsburgh's Alternative Medicine Homepage ---This medicine page links you to other alternative-medicine sites as well as to clinical studies and National Institute of Health research on alternative methods. It's also the best place to get the straight dope on medical marijuana.

ChronicIll Net---An excellent collection of resources, news, and research on a wide variety of illnesses and medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease, AIDS, neurological diseases, and much more.

Julie's Low & Fat-Free Resources List

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

HSF - Home Page

HyperDOC:The Visible Human Project

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