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Welcome To Silver City
And Southwestern New Mexico, USA

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Gila Sustainable Community Forum
All things community

"Live From Silver City" Blog
Avelino Maestas, local journalist & photographer.

Arts List:
Promotes local visual, performing, and literary arts events, free.
You are welcome to email Doyne Wrealli for more information before you sign up:

Spirit List:
Promotes local self-help, metaphysical, and healing events, free.
You are welcome to email Doyne Wrealli for more information before you sign up:

The Gila Regional Community email list
is a venue where people can dialog about community and concerns of local community, and a source of alternative perspectives on issues local, regional, national and international in scope. John Fridinger



Old West Country
Vacation in Scenic
Southwest New Mexico

Southwest Bike Travel Zine

New Mexico Magazine

Zia Publishing
New Mexico Traveler etc.

Collier's Publishing Co.
Internet Catalog



WNMU - Silver City International Film Society



Silver City Daily Press

Silver City Sun-News

Desert Exposure
Monthly Newspaper

The Independent
Hidalgo County Press

The Elkhorn Trader
commercial advertising paper


Poets On Line

Rick Stansberger
The Eight Seasons of Silver City Ezine

MoonGate Internationale
Published by Eddy Lou Benjamin (aka Summer Breeze)


Radio & Television

KSIL, High Lonesome Radio 105.5 FM

Community Access
Television of Silver Cable Ch. 17, 18, 19

KNFT Radio of Silver City AM KPSA FM
Talk Radio 950 AM and Music & Sports 97.7 FM

92.9 FM

KNUW La Sabrosa 95.1 FM En Español

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