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SEED Community Climate Conversation: Biochar

From: Feb 13, 2018 05:30 pm
To: Feb 13, 2018 08:00 pm
February 13, 2018 - SEED Presentations on Community Climate Conversations

Scott Zager of Trollworks LLC, a new company in Grant County, will be giving a presentation about alternative energy, carbon storage and soil enrichment. The talk will be titled, “Biochar and the New Energy Economy”. The presentation is being sponsored by SEED as part of a series of public conversations about real solutions for social justice, local economies, energy policies and environmental health. The biochar talk will be given on February 13th, 2018 at 5:30 PM. It will be held in the “Back Room” of The Toad Brewery and Distillery on the corner of Market and Bullard Streets in Silver City, NM. Drinks and food will be available for purchase. The talk will be introduced by the singing duet, “Moonshine”.

SEED is a local organization dedicated to creating a resilient society. SEED is sponsoring a series of public Community Climate Conversations (CCC), with topics about local solutions for a just and sustainable future. CCC events showcase local projects and enterprises already underway. These projects demonstrate that real solutions already exist in our region for social, economic and environmental justice. Each conversation will include an informal presentation followed by a discussion with members of the audience.

Trollworks LLC: is a research and manufacturing company located in the small, remote community of Silver City of southwest New Mexico, U.S.A. Trollworks is developing innovative equipment for heating homes, businesses and institutions. Trollworks’ mission also includes forest restoration, ecosystem rehabilitation, wood-products development, clean energy, and carbon soil sequestration.

Trollworks is best described as a "Social Business Enterprise", because Trollworks is dedicated to solving society's biggest economic and environmental problems. Trollworks envisions a Community System Model, where economic solutions are spread out across society in numerous, small-but-integrated facilities instead of one large, centralized mega-facility. For example, Trollworks will encourage independent contractors to harvest low-value biomass from choked-out, fire-prone forests and rangelands. The biomass pellets that TW will help to produce – along with stoves and boilers that TW manufactures – will be sold by independent dealers who will provide low-cost energy to heat peoples' homes and businesses. Trollworks heaters actually take carbon out of the atmosphere and stores carbon in the soil permanently, as Biochar. In fact, Biochar Compost, is another business and associated market that Trollworks is creating.

New stove and boiler technology creates an environmentally clean-burning fuel for heat while converting a high-percentage of the biomass into biochar, a soil additive similar to activated charcoal. Trollworks heaters use a two-stage process that transform biomass into biochar while releasing wood-gas, a fuel that can be cleanly burned for heat without soot, creosote or other poisonous gases. Better yet, a significant percentage of carbon is prevented from entering into the atmosphere by creating char, which when inoculated with soil-building microorganisms, becomes biochar.

Biochar is a powerful solution to issues of food insecurity, energy crisis and climate change. Biochar is distinguished from charcoal and activated carbon through its use as a soil additive. Biochar is immensely practical and easy to produce. Biochar improves soil structure and invigorates plant growth. It sweetens soils, retains soil moisture, and reduces need for fertilizers and water. Biochar is commonly made from waste material ranging from pecan shells, wood scraps and low-value biomass from overgrown and fire-prone forests. Biochar is a very stable form of carbon that requires a very long time to decompose in the environment, essentially taking carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it indefinitely. Biochar is used as an amendment to improve sterile soils but not a fertilizer itself. Char is a high-quality form of carbon, similar to graphite (graphene) in its chemical structure. It is produced by super-heating organic materials (biomass) in a controlled low-oxygen environment (Pyrolysis), which transforms the structure of biomass from its natural state into a combination of black, solid char and invisible wood-gas. Charged or Inoculated Biochar is created when char is combined (charged) with plant-growth nutrients and/or biologically inoculated with soil-producing fungus and bacteria.

Trollworks has developed several prototypes that are ready to manufacture and install. The company is finalizing its business plan and hopes to begin sales of a limited number of household stoves this year. In addition, plans to manufactured larger boilers for institutional buildings in New Mexico and Colorado.

For more information about this biochar event or future events sponsored by SEED, please contact debauraperu@gmail.com or scott.zager@wildlands.biz.

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By wildman

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